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Discovery of biggest dinosaur ever hailed by scientists as fossilised bones of Patagotitan unearthed

A study proclaims a newly named species the heavyweight champion of all dinosaurs, making the scary Tyrannosaurus rex look like a munchkin.

At 76 tonnes (69 metric tonnes), the plant-eating behemoth was as heavy as a space shuttle.

The dinosaur's fossils were found in southern Argentina in 2012. Researchers who examined and dated them said the long-necked creature was the biggest of a group of large dinosaurs called titanosaurs.

“There was one small part of the family that went crazy on size,” said Diego Pol of the Egidio Feruglio palaeontology museum in Argentina, co-author of the study published on Tuesday in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

The researchers named the dinosaur Patagotitan mayorum after the Patagonia region where it was found and the Greek word titan, which means large. The second name honours a ranch family that hosted the researchers.



Rex Tillerson tells US diplomats to dodge questions on Paris Agreement

US diplomats should sidestep questions from foreign governments on what it would take for the Trump administration to re-engage in the global Paris climate agreement, according to a diplomatic cable seen by Reuters.

The cable, sent by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to embassies, also said diplomats should make clear the United States wants to help other countries use fossil fuels.

In the wake of President Donald Trump's announcement in June that the United States would withdraw from the accord, the cable tells diplomats to expect foreign government representatives to ask questions like "Does the United States have a climate change policy?" and "Is the administration advocating the use of fossil fuels over renewable energy?"



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Texas House Passes Ban on Insurance Coverage for Abortion

AUSTIN, Texas (CN) — The Texas House of Representatives on Tuesday approved a bill that prohibits private insurers from providing coverage for abortions, rejecting amendments that would make exceptions for rape, incest or fetal abnormalities — the bill’s author said on the floor: “Rape very seldom results in a pregnancy.”

House Bill 214 would prohibit private and state-offered health insurance plans — and insurance plans purchased through the Affordable Care Act — from providing general coverage for abortions, except in medical emergencies when a woman’s life is in danger.

The bill requires women who want coverage for abortion to purchase supplemental health insurance.

The legislation does not require insurers to offer such supplemental coverage, meaning that women could be forced to pay out of pocket for the procedure that can cost the equivalent of a month’s rent.



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