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When Ignorance and Abject Stupidity Collide

Seriously, Fox News- Fabio?

by Jack Cluth

In its ongoing precipitous descent into ever-greater depths of self-parody, Fox News Channel (FNC) continues to engage in the very same activity it castigates the “Liberal Media” for. FNC bookers seem to believe celebrities- merely by virtue of their celebrity- have something intelligent and important to contribute to the public discourse. Fabio may well be a prince of a guy, but he’s an authority on crime in the same way I’m a brain surgeon.

Fabio? Really? What’s next…FNC interviewing Scott Baio for his insight and expertise on foreign policy? Or Carrot Top as an expert on global climate change? Perhaps Ted Nugent will enlighten us on health care policy? This is America’s top-rated cable news channel? Or is America’s Lowest Common Denominator © just that gullible? As if that question’s anything but rhetorical….

Perhaps for these fine examples of intellectual rigor, news and entertainment have become indistinguishable…and we’re indeed well and truly gefickt.

Nice work, America.


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