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Consumer protection agency drops lawsuit against lender that charged 950 percent interest rates

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has dropped a lawsuit against a lender that was allegedly charging interest rates up to 950 percent, NPR reported.

The case against Golden Valley Lending had taken CFPB staffers years to establish, but new agency director Mick Mulvaney instructed staffers to drop the lawsuit, according to NPR.

"People are devastated and angry just imagine how you would feel if years of your life had been dedicated to pursuing justice and you lose everything," Christopher Peterson, a former attorney at the bureau who had worked on the case, told NPR.

The agency had sued Golden Valley in April, alleging unfair, deceptive and abusive business practices. Golden Valley declined to comment to NPR.


Oxfam chairman arrested in Guatemala

The chairman of under-fire British charity group Oxfam International, Juan Alberto Fuentes Knight, was arrested Tuesday in his native Guatemala in a swoop related to government graft allegations, officials said.

He was detained along with former president Alvaro Colom, and other members of Colom's 2008-2012 government, in which Fuentes served as finance minister.

Fuentes's arrest came as Oxfam is being shaken by revelations that some of its staff used prostitutes in Haiti and Chad, as well as accusations of sexual assault in South Sudan.

The allegations have led to the resignation of Oxfam's deputy chief Penny Lawrence and intense scrutiny from the British government, which partly funds the charity, to the tune of $44 million last year.


Further evidence that Hannity is nuts

Sean Hannity's latest conspiracy involves Obama's official portrait and 'secret sperm cells'

Fox News host Sean Hannity has claimed with no evidence whatsoever that former President Barack Obama was not born in the U.S., that he is in cahoots with the entire "liberal media," and that under his watch, a Democratic National Committee staffer was killed because he supposedly gave emails to WikiLeaks. Never one to miss something that definitely isn't there, Hannity's latest conspiracy involves "secret sperm cells" in Obama's official portrait. Yes, really.


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