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Thursday Toon Roundup 3 - The Rest







Air travel

Thursday Toon Roundup 2 - PINO

Thursday Toon Roundup 1 - Republican Losers

Toon - Beep Beep!

And the same result.

Tom The Dancing Bug Toon- Cops (Trump Edition)

Bringing a laptop or tablet on a Mexico-to-U.S. flight? Beware of new security measures

Mexican authorities say the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has instituted heightened security measures for laptops and tablets on U.S.-bound flights from the country.

Mexico's Transportation Department said in a statement that the measures take effect starting Wednesday for “electronics larger than a cellphone.”

It recommends passengers carry as few of those devices as possible in carry-on bags and advises that such electronics must undergo separate security checks without cases or covers.


More harassment in the name of 'security'

DOJ expanding controversial asset seizures programs

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday advised his Department of Justice (DOJ) to reestablish a criminal asset seizure program that had been curbed under pressure from lawmakers and civil liberties groups worried that the policy is ripe for abuse.

The Justice Department, with President Trump's support, will give new authority to law enforcement agencies to seize money, contraband and property when they can prove those assets are the ill-gotten gains of criminal activity.

In an agency-wide memo, the acting chief of the DOJ's Criminal Division, Deborah Connor, characterized the program as an essential tool in starving gang members, drug traffickers and terrorists of their means and tools.



Mob shakedowns, conducted by Police departments.

DNC Chairman: The Democratic Plan to Combat Trumps Voter Suppression Commission

by Tom Perez, Karen Carter Peterson
10:30 AM ET

In 2016, 39 Americans were struck and killed by lightning. In the same year, there were four documented cases of voter fraud. That’s right. You’re more likely to see someone fatally struck by lightning than witness a case of in-person voter fraud.

Study after study after study has debunked the myth of “voter fraud.”

So why is President Donald Trump spending taxpayer dollars on a voter fraud commission? The answer is simple: This is a propaganda factory for justifying the Republican Party’s broader voter suppression efforts.

As the commission meets in Washington, D.C. today, there seems to be no limit to how far Republicans will go to disenfranchise certain voters. Instead of working to convince voters to support their policies, they’re working systematically to suppress the fundamental democratic rights of the American people.



Carrier laying off hundreds despite Trump deal

Carrier announced it is planning to lay off 300 workers at its Indianapolis furnace factory on Thursday despite a deal it had reached late last year with President Trump.

“This week, approximately 300 employees will leave Carrier as part of the previously announced plan to relocate fan coil manufacturing production lines,” Carrier said in a statement.

The company said the affected workers would be able to pursue employment in Carrier’s parent company United Technologies Corporation’s (UTC) manufacturing operations.



Trumpers are sooooo stupid

Poll: Third of Trump voters don’t think Trump Jr. met with Russian, even though he admitted it

Nearly a third of Americans who voted for President Trump said they don't believe that Trump's eldest son met with a Russian lawyer last year, according to a new poll released Tuesday.

That's despite the fact that Donald Trump Jr. has admitted that the meeting took place.

The poll from the left-leaning Public Policy Polling poll found that only 45 percent of Trump voters said they believe that Trump Jr. went to the meeting, even after he released an email chain proving that he was eager to receive potential dirt from the Russian government on campaign rival Hillary Clinton at the meeting.

Thirty-two percent of the Trump supporters said they don’t believe the meeting took place, while 24 percent said they aren’t sure, according to the poll results.

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