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Maybe I missed that ~ the Mom was White

and the Father was Black?

The "N" Word was not appropriate in any situation. I am African American and my grandfather was " More White / Blue eyes, Fair skin looking" etc.

One day when I was abt. 6, he took me shopping downtown in a Big City in the East. In those times, especially for African Americans, when we went " Downtown" we were dressed in our " Sunday Best." ~ that meant I was wearing a pretty blue dress, a little purse, don't remember the color and shiny new black patent leather shoes.

A White lady was walking toward us and said......

"What a beautiful little girl, is that your maid's child?"

My wonderful grandfather ( who was the beloved Butler for an extremely wealthy White Man) calmly told her....

" This is my wonderful grandchild and I am a proud Colored Man - "good day "

I am now a Senior and I still remember that experience. The lady appeared to be in what I would call "total shock!"

I often wonder how she handled other situations that involved RACE during her lifetime.

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