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Member since: Tue Feb 3, 2004, 02:03 AM
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Maybe I missed that ~ the Mom was White

and the Father was Black?

The "N" Word was not appropriate in any situation. I am African American and my grandfather was " More White / Blue eyes, Fair skin looking" etc.

One day when I was abt. 6, he took me shopping downtown in a Big City in the East. In those times, especially for African Americans, when we went " Downtown" we were dressed in our " Sunday Best." ~ that meant I was wearing a pretty blue dress, a little purse, don't remember the color and shiny new black patent leather shoes.

A White lady was walking toward us and said......

"What a beautiful little girl, is that your maid's child?"

My wonderful grandfather ( who was the beloved Butler for an extremely wealthy White Man) calmly told her....

" This is my wonderful grandchild and I am a proud Colored Man - "good day "

I am now a Senior and I still remember that experience. The lady appeared to be in what I would call "total shock!"

I often wonder how she handled other situations that involved RACE during her lifetime.

Here is another " Muffy Really Did This" Story

In my post above I explained how my precious Muffy did amazing things.

I had been divorced about 5 months and had moved to my new

One day I had a few friends over and we were at the dinner table laughing and joking.

The door bell rang. Usually Muffy would run and bark to alert me to answer the bell.

This time when the bell rang Muffy quietly walked to the door. He started sniffing at the bottom of the door and quietly ran back and sat by my chair.

When I attempted to get up, he blocked me!
I kept telling him softly to move so I could know who was at the door.

I kept asking him nicely to clear the way -
He finally went back to the door and stiffed.

Then he came back to get me ----

I opened the door and no one was there -- I could see an envelope sticking out from under the door mat -- I opened the envelope and it was a note from my Hateful Ex husband!

Muffy was able to pick up his scent and smart enough to know that I didn't need to have any drama that day. : )

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