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Member since: Tue Feb 3, 2004, 02:03 AM
Number of posts: 30,404

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We Can't Let Them Win!


They hate a Brilliant Black President that is a Christian but itís OK to have a Mormon President that canít form a simple sentence

They reject ALL union members

They boldly tell ALL Women of America ďNO YOU DONíT we will control your Bodies.Ē

They make sure that ALL people that dare to vote for Democrats are fair game to have their VOTES SUPPRESSED

They believe that people on food stamps donít deserve them. Their base is so stupid they donít realize their Stamps would get cut.

They believe that people on Medicare should receive smaller checks ~ that would include Ron Paul who admitted that he keeps his check each month.

They believe that ALL rich people deserve to get richer! Middle class and the poor donít matter.

They reject all people who dare to DREAM that they want to stay in this country. Yet, they would pick Rubio if they thought they absolutely needed the Hispanic vote to win.

Itís Ok with them that RMoney is an idiot that Impersonated a Police Officer, put his dog on a car etc. etc., etc. They still get behind him as their pick for President Of Their United States of America.

What am I forgetting?

I OCCUPIED the Oil WELLS Meeting

That's the way for all of us to do it!

Instead of just writing letters
~ be heard!

Ms. goclarkOBAMA attended a Presentation by one of the major Oil Companies last week. It took place in Culver City, CA. June 12th -- do a google,

There were at least 450 people attending ~ all of them MAD as hell about the unregulated drilling taking place in Culver City/Los Angeles -- near OUR community.

People were picketing with signs that said STOP THE FRACKING NOW!
Some signs saying more descriptive that even that ~ everyone was MAD AS HELL!

I was one of the speakers that STOOD UP ( more than 30 of us) after the phony presentation by the big oil company ~ we STOOD UP!

When MsgoclarkOBAMA got that mike, she gave them a BIG PIECE of RAGE!

During my RANT to them and after I finished, my fellow protesters were CHEERING and CLAPPING for me ~ the OIL THUGS had red faces and could not believe that 5'1 little goclarkOBAMA had socked it to them!

OCCUPY! OCCUPY their space and tell them like I did---
WE ARE SICK from FRACKING/CRACKING and your unregulated pumping and we are SICK of You and your Haliburton Buddies!

We will not rest until we shut you down!

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