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Member since: Tue Feb 3, 2004, 02:03 AM
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Not just racism ~they treated

Gore, Clinton, Kennedy's , Carter, Dean etc the same way or worse.....I happen to be African American and none of those listed are African American.

The difference is they didn't give the above names "racial" names to my knowledge.

Question: Didn't they accuse a White candidate of having a Black Child?"

Their anger and dirty tricks and "Supprssion of the Votes" had many of the same features.

Another thing that makes it easier to identify now is that we have Facebook and google and videos that instantly allows everyone to find out what is being said and done . Ex. - Romney's 47% video was on the web.

For sure anyone of any color is not regarded as important if they are in the 47% .You don't have to be Africa Amerian to be in that 47%. ....Those on Food Stamps......
According to the United States Department of Agriculture 2010, out of 100% of recipients (not population, but recipients):

35% are White
22% are African American
10% are Hispanic
2% are Asian
4% are Native American
19% are Unknown

Sad situation
However ~ Obama was able to become President with people of all
colors voting him in.
We can do it again ~ Fired Up! Ready to GO!
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