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rpannier's Journal
rpannier's Journal
January 19, 2023

George Santos Song (with help from the Seekers)

My George Santos Song to the tune Georgy Girl by the Seekers
I hope it works for everyone.
Some places I had trouble making the words flow with the music

Hey there, George Santos
Lyin’ bout yourself so easily
Nobody you met could ever see
The lies you told there

Hey there, George Santos
Why does everyone give you stink eye
Could it be another lie
Or is it the scarves you stole?

You're always scamming
And you’re never stopping you bum
You killed a veteran’s dog, you scum.
One ninety-nine

Hey there, George Santos
There's another Georgy that we know
It’s the Devold’r you hide
And, oh, what a sh!t is he
E’vryday we see
A new Georgy low

Hey there, George Santos
How about that Human Trafficker
You know your friend Rocco
A sick'ning new low

You’re always out there changing
And rearranging the scheme
You weren’t on the volleyball team
Not ever

Hey there, George Santos
There's another lie that you have told
Bring out all the truth you hide
And, oh, what the lies we see
The forgery
The new Georgy Scam

(Hey there, George Santos)
Brazil, George Santos
(Hey there, George Santos)
Kitara, George Santos
(Hey there, George Santos)
My God, George Santos
(Hey there, George Santos)
The lies George Santos

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