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rpannier's Journal
rpannier's Journal
March 19, 2022

Has anyone ever seen the episode of Columbo where he finds evidence in a pot in a

Has anyone ever seen the episode of Columbo where he finds evidence in a planter in a greenhouse?
I say the evidence was planted

March 18, 2022

CAS reject Russia's appeal over World Cup ban after Ukraine invasion

Russia's request to freeze a FIFA ban on its football teams ahead of next week's World Cup qualifying playoffs was dismissed on Friday.

FIFA said the Court of Arbitration for Sport dismissed the Russian soccer federation's bid for an urgent interim ruling to freeze the ban pending a full appeal.

The CAS decision means Russia will not be able to play Poland in World Cup qualifying on Thursday.

The ruling follows a similar CAS refusal on Tuesday to freeze UEFA's ban on Russian national and club teams in European football.


Another win for the genius Putin

March 14, 2022

It's March 14 in Korea and here in Japan. Happy White Day

In Japan and Korea, Valentine's Day is a day for girls to show they like a boy.
The girls give gifts to the boys, like chocolate, candy, handmade gifts (usually letters) and other items
White Day is for boys to give gifts to girls to show their affections

March works well for older girls in Japan. The school year is over, so our oldest is spending most of the day with her b/f. They will go out and do "young people things" and she'll come back with who knows what. She's very excited, this is the second year they will do things on White Day and next school year (Year 3) they're seniors. Very exciting. Just ask her.

For the twins (junior high), one will spend the day with her friends (boys and girls) and the boys pay for everything. Back in February they went out on Sunday before Valentine's Day and the girls paid.
Our other twin will spend the day with her g/f. Last year her g/f bought her gifts on Valentine's Day and our daughter bought on White. This year they're switching. So today, she pays
For our youngest (elementary school - graduated 5th grade), they will hangout in groups with their friends. They will organize with their girl friends and meet up with the boys they like and they'll hangout together -- it's very discreet and provides plausible deniability

It's all very cute

Valentine's Day didn't become a thing here in Japan until the 70s.
White Day was a day invented by Ishimuramanseido, a candy company. Originally it was Marshmallow day and people gave marshmallow based gifts, white cookies or white chocolate to the girls.
Now the color doesn't matter and it's very common for older girls to get jewelry, boxes of candy and/or chocolate and spend the day with their b/fs and g/fs
For elementary school, they get food from some of the boys, more out of a feeling of obligation because the girls gave on Valentine's Day. Though, as I wrote earlier, older elementary school girls will sometimes hangout with a group of friends (boys and girls) that is made up of their girl friends and the boys each of them likes

March 11, 2022

I'm about 99% certain there aren't many neo-nazi's fighting for the Ukraine

There may be a few but not many
I know this, because if there were many Tucker Kremlin Karlson would be cheering on the Ukraine, much as he did the "fine people" at the unite the reich rally who chanted, "Jews will not replace us."

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