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rpannier's Journal
rpannier's Journal
August 31, 2020

Interesting point that I've thought about a few times

D.B. in Stewartsville, MN, writes: There has been much discussion about hidden "shy" Trump supporters in the media. Living in the rural Midwest, I can tell you that there are a good number of Biden supporters who are reluctant to reveal themselves in deep red counties. Many are fed up with the antics of the President and his administration, but with many of their neighbors thumping their Trump drums and deriding anyone who "dares" speak to the contrary, it's safer to keep one's head down until they can vote in private.


August 25, 2020

Republicans choose Pence over Don Jr for 2024


It's interesting how poorly Romney rates with Republicans versus the general population
Not surprising since, on that list, Romney is the only person who has a modicum of decency

August 24, 2020

In Case You had Any Lingering Doubts About Trump's Narcissicm

Donald Trump's name appears as a speaker all four nights
Every member of his immediate family is speaking at least once -- except for his youngest son
I noticed Mary and his sister aren't scheduled though

August 24, 2020

Do Japanese People Support Same-Sex Marriage?

Most of the people (or all) he interviewed are likely from either Tokyo, Kanagawa or Yokohama
August 23, 2020

BIZ KIDS -- A tie-dye must-buy: How one Regina kid went from craft to cash

Callie Tomlin Age 10

Tie-dye swirls of pink, blue, purple and yellow look great on a shirt. They’ve also managed to make 10-year-old Callie Tomilin some cash this summer.

What started out as a gift of a simple tie-dye kit from her grandparents soon turned into a hobby for Callie, and now it’s a business.


Callie's two-year-old sister, Mila, has Joubert syndrome.

Kids with Joubert syndrome can experience a lack of muscle control, abnormal breathing patterns, and different eye and tongue movements.

The majority of Callie's profits are donated toward research of her sister’s syndrome.


August 22, 2020

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

1. Crime Boss Of Post-Soviet Underworld Shot Dead In Turkey

The killing of a notorious crime boss from the Caucasus region is echoing across the criminal underworld of the former Soviet Union, with reverberations reaching an alleged Uzbek crime boss in Turkey who is the nephew of the former international amateur boxing chief.

Nadir "Lotu Guli" Salifov, a reputed member of the "thieves-in-law" criminal syndicate, had been known as a top crime boss in Russia and Azerbaijan.

He was shot dead at a restaurant in Turkey's southern coastal city of Antalya on the evening of August 19.

Multiple underworld sources have told RFE/RL that the killer was one of Salifov's bodyguards.


2. EU gives green light to €290 million state aid package for struggling Brussels Airlines

The European Commission gave the green light on Friday for the Belgian government to inject €290 million of state aid into Brussels Airlines, Belgium's ailing flag carrier which has been hard-hit by the ongoing pandemic.

Brussels Airlines, a subsidiary of the SN Group which is in turn owned by the Lufthansa Group, will receive a €287 million loan payable over six years, as well as an additional €3 million in equity.

The coronavirus outbreak has been a testing period for the aviation industry, leading a number of European governments to step in to save longstanding airline companies from bankruptcy.


3. Boris Johnson forced to cut Scottish holiday short after newspaper images reveal location, reports suggest

Boris Johnson and his fiance Carrie Symonds were forced to cut their Scottish holiday short after their location was leaked, according to reports.

Images of the prime minister’s cottage and a tent the pair had pitched on the west coast, near Applecross, were published on the front page of Friday’s Daily Mail.

The PM was reportedly advised to cut short his first holiday in six months – which he briefly paused on Monday to discuss the exams fiasco with education secretary Gavin Williamson – by minders who believed the images put the couple at risk of sniper fire.


4. 'I'm up for the fight': Chris Jackson to be first black scientist to give Christmas lecture

Prof Chris Jackson, who this year will be the first black person to present the Royal Institution Christmas lectures, has said such organisations have a key role to play in addressing issues including racism and transphobia.

Jackson is one of three UK academics presenting this year’s lectures, called Planet Earth: A User’s Guide.

Speaking to the Guardian, the professor of geology at Imperial College London said racism in the scientific community had prevented black academics from previously being asked to present.

“There’s clearly been black scientists in the past who could have given these lectures,” he said, noting the walls of the Royal Institution, Royal Society and other prestigious establishments are replete with portraits of white, male scientists.


5. Golfgate: Irish minister and senator resign after attending event that broke COVID-19 rules

A political crisis is engulfing the Irish government after it emerged that several prominent figures, including a government minister, senators, an EU commissioner and a Supreme Court judge, attended a golfing event that breached official COVID-19 rules.

The Minister of Agriculture, Dara Calleary resigned his post on Friday after it emerged he had attended a dinner for 80 people hosted by the Oireachtas Golf Society, a parliamentary group which organises regular golf outings.

The dinner was also attended by Senator Jerry Buttimer, the deputy chairperson of the Seanad, the Irish Senate, who also resigned on Friday.

Ireland's EU commissioner, Phil Hogan and Supreme Court justice and former Attorney General, Séamus Wolfe were also attendance at the event in Clifden, County Galway on Wednesday. They are both also facing calls to resign.

August 21, 2020

(Korea) BTS' J-hope donates 100 mln won for children in need amid pandemic

J-hope, a member of popular K-pop band BTS, donated 100 million won (US$84,416) for children suffering economic hardship due to the new coronavirus pandemic, a charity group said Tuesday.

According to ChildFund Korea, J-hope expressed hope that his donation will be delivered to children in crisis, especially to those who are experiencing economic difficulties amid the pandemic.

J-hope has contributed 450 million won through the charity since 2018 as a member of Green Noble Club, a group of high-value donors of ChildFund Korea.

He donated 150 million in 2018 to the charity to support children with illnesses and foster talent.

In 2019, he donated 100 million won to low-income students at his old high school in Gwangju, some 330 kilometers south of Seoul, and another 100 million won to children with illnesses.


August 20, 2020

Shannon Sharpe mentions Susan Collins to express his concern about the Lakers loss


"Skip in the famous words of the not-so-famous Senator from Maine Susan Collins, this is deeply troubling and concerning."
August 20, 2020

The Oishii Gakko School Restaurant in Yamanashi prefecture

Oishii Gakko was once Tsugane Elementary School.
It is located in Hokuto City, in Yamanashi Prefecture

The school closed down in 1985, and reopened in 2000 as Oishii Gakko, meaning “delicious school”.

Oishii Gakko is a restaurant, bakery and local market.
The inside looks like a classroom
The tables and chairs are from the Showa Era (1926-1989)
The food is served on metal trays that were used at the school in the 70's and 80's.
Most of the food is local

On the menu is the Oishii Gakko School Lunch.
It is similar to Japanese school lunches. You can either have curry or stew
They have other choices on the menu, but we figured "Why?"
It's a restaurant designed to look like a school.

After eating you can go to the bakery and the coffee shop

The restaurant is opened at lunch and dinner times (closed from 2:30-5:30)
The coffee shop is opened before and after lunch.

It is worth the visit

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