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rpannier's Journal
rpannier's Journal
June 26, 2017

Screw You

I swear the next sob story I hear about some jackass who voted for il douchebag whining and crying about how they feel betrayed by the Clown Prince of Idiocracy I'm going find them and hurl a bushel full of rotted apples at their stupid, whining, jerk face.

I have no sympathy, NONE, for the vast majority of the denizens of the political wasteland who want us to feel their pain because their fucking job went to Canada, or Mexico, or China, or was just fucking closed so some vulture capitalist pig whom you admire so much for their grit and monetary know-how can buy that new ivory covered back scratcher (my obligatory Simpsonism)

Guess what, oh Servant of the Lord of the Dung, you got took and I don't give a damn.

You voted not just for the Grifter-in-Chief, but then you turned around and voted for his Merry Band of Criminals. Yeah! I'm looking at YOU Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida. You who re-elected the odious Republikkan senator from your state for some reason that only someone with several advanced degrees in Behavioral Science focusing specifically on the Stupid, the Lame, the Ignorant, the Bat Shit Moron could possibly hope to comprehend.

Screw you, oh Joe Six-Pack and Sally Housecoat (Another Simpsonism) who are getting on TV and singing your sad tale of how Carrier is really, actually sending the jobs you held elsewhere... and YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND. I mean, "HE TOLD US THOSE JOBS WERE SAVED!"
So some (probably most) of you vague-witted harlequins happily tossed away your vote on a man whose whole history has been one of, and get this, 'NOT GIVING A FUCK ABOUT ANYONE BUT HIMSELF!' A simple ixquick (shameless plug), google or whatever search engine you use, would have shown you this.
But, Nooooooooooooo!!! Now, we're treated to seeing a half dozen of you Swamp Creature rejects on TV telling us how betrayed you feel. The funny part is... You really look surprised.
Weeeeeeeeellllllllll... screw you! Screw the person who was standing to your left and to your right. Screw everyone who worked at Carrier who voted for Trump.
My sympathies lie with those of you who didn't vote for the Swinish Lout that presently claims the title of President.
They deserve our sympathies.
But here's the thing, you won't see them on TV all glazy eyed, drooling, shaking their heads, saying, "I...I just don't get it."
That's probably why they don't get interviewed. They ought to send a reporter to your town and do a segment on every Carrier employee who voted Clinton beating the shit out of the Trump voters with padded clubs.
But that would be too violent... maybe. And, if it were me who had lost my job and they gave me a club, it'd take 15 people to pull me away from you nit-witted trolls.

Moving on to another location in the Midwest, but still smack-dab in the heart of Doofania (Phineas and Ferb), Fox6 and Money reports that GE is closing their plant in Waukesha and move its 300-plus jobs to Canada.
And yes... Yes... YEs... YES, the addlepated dwellers of Swale of Stupid are SHOCKED! DISAPPOINTED! and SADDENED! this is happening.
I'm sure the DUH-nizens are all of those things and more.
By a hefty margin of over 2:1 You Butt-Clowns voted for the poor man's Mussolini. By over 2:1 you voted for the reject from the Movie Leprechaun Paul Ryan (rejected because he was too sociopathic for the part).

You want a good laugh. It's pathetic, but I laughed.
“Doesn’t he realize that we voted for him? He should have been there and saw my wife crying. He should have been there,” Kenneth Olsen said (of Ryan).
Poor... poor Kenneth Olsen. You voted for Truquemada and IT and now you and your wife (who also likely voted for them) has a sad.
And why should Ryan show up? Do you have a hefty campaign donation for him. Or, do you just want to sit there while he laughs at your stupidity?
Screw Bret Mattice, who voted for the first time...EVER! And guess for whom the dimbulb voted? If you guessed the least qualified person on the ballot, any ballot, in any country, at any time in history, you'd be correct.
Do us all a favor Bret Mattice, don't ever vote again... please
Oh... and screw you!

Then there's this primary school refuse, Joe Barlow. In an interview, supporter of the Annoying Orange reject, Joe Barlow, said this....
Note... pay careful attention to your jaw. It may drop so hard and so fast you could hurt yourself. My suggestion is to tie it off like Jacob Marley in a Christmas Carol
“I don’t believe there’s hope for our plant. My hope is, companies like that, that offshore all the work, I hope he follows through on his 35% tax and punishes those businesses,”
You see that? "I hope he follows through on his 35%...blah." Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! He hopes Trump follows through on a campaign promise.
Screw You Joe. You and your Trumpists screwed over your fellow employees, the one's who didn't vote for the squalid-one. The one's who didn't just say, "How fucking stupid a vote can I cast? Hmmmmm. I know. I'll vote for all three. Because what could possibly go wrong?"

Here's the difference between you People Under the Stairs and say, some out of work guy, who is surfing through garbage dumps hoping to find enough scrap metal that he can sell to survive. I can almost understand them. They had nothing to lose. But... you... you F@CKERS had good paying jobs. At the time, your plant in Wisconsin was NOT... I repeat NOT in danger of closing. In fact, it was his election and the inane rantings of the Evil Elf about the Import-Export Bank that got it closed and moved on to Canada.
You had money! You had a House! You had something! You pittered it away for some unknown reason.
Write a book titled. "How NOT to be a squirrel brained jack-ass!"
Tell us what you were thinking, so we know what NOT to do

To my niece in Minnesota (still in the Midwest) who voted for Trump, for one reason and ONE REASON ONLY.... (dum... er... drum roll. I'm sure you already know the answer) "I did it for the babies."
Yes! Yes! Yes, ladies and gentlemen... Abortion! Abortion was the reason why she voted for the Fake Tanned Ogre! Abortion!
Now... now... she's all concerned because his policies could hurt the children. You know... the boys and girls that are NOT little growing pieces of tissue, that if removed from the womb would die within a few hours. Actual living, breathing HUMAN BEINGS.
SCREW YOU! Screw you and Your fucking Abortion fixation

Slogging back to Indiana and a revisit to dimwit Helen Beristain and her undocumented husband.
Ms. Helen Beristain actually thought her husband would not get deported.
Laugh along with me folks. She's as jaw dropping stupid as the guys in Wisconsin.

Ms. Helen Beristain somehow believed her husband would not be deported because only the 'Bad Hombres' would go. She said (before her husband was shipped off to Mexico) "I don't think ICE is out there to detain anyone and break families, no,"
She was, of course, shocked that her husband was kicked out.
How does she feel now? Don't know. According to CNN, she won't answer calls from any news sources.
Screw You Ms Helen Beristain. And screw Granger, Indiana... the very Republican Town of Granger, Indiana. The shocked citizenry of the town who thought Roberto would not be sent back because he was a good person, 'A Good Hombre'. Screw You

I could go on. There are so many of these stories. The dumb twerp in Florida who was afraid of losing his insurance, but felt it would be best to vote for the groper because he was certain it would be best for the whole country to do so, even if it hurt him.
Good job, Buttercup! You lost out. And... here's the part you somehow missed... They're SCREWING everyone over.
Oh.. unless you're a millionaire.

The oxygen thieves, the simpletons who voted for his Assness, or at the very least, wouldn't vote for Clinton because somehow... someway... there was 'NO ACTUAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO.'
HYSTERICAL isn't it? Because if she were president right now, Gorsuch, or someone worse would be on the Court... I guess. Oh... and we'd be looking at selling off National Park Land. And of course, we'd have a President beholden to the closest thing to a real-life Ernst Stavro Blofeld, in Putin. And, of course, she'd have insulted half the leaders of our allies by whining about electoral votes and actual votes and her inauguration attendance and some other rubbish. And lied about taping conversations in the White House (or did trump lie?)
Screw You! Screw You! Screw You!

(And for the sake of transparency; 1. I voted for Sanders in the primary. 2. I did belong to the Clinton Group on DU. 3 I belonged to every Democratic President Group for 2016 on DU. 4. I voted for Clinton in the GE. Just in case you're thinking, "I wonder who rpannier voted for?&quot

Or the countless stupid people across the country, male and female, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, African American, western Asian, Protestants, Jews, Catholics, Muslims (yeah, I'm perplexed by that as well) who, for some inexplicable reason got up out of bed and said to themselves, "I'm going to do the FUCKING STUPIDEST THING I WILL EVER do in my entire lifetime."
They somehow found a polling station and voted for that thing that sits in the White House, in a bathrobe, screaming at a television set and finding new and different ways to enrich his family and friends, while screwing over everyone else.

Well... Screw You (he says calmly). You're an idiot. I cannot fix this problem. Most of my family cannot fix this problem. Many of my friends cannot. They got out and voted. They didn't vote for the orange-faced fake-haired charlatan.

I am finished. I have said my piece. I am still not at piece with the low wattage loser in the WH.
And... one last thought....
Screw You if You voted for Trump

June 23, 2017

So 4 Republikkan Senators say they cannot support the death bill

Considering the four are Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Lee of Utah, I'm guessing there's no requirement to drown the sick in a barrel of acid or given enough kickbacks to themselves and the insurance execs

June 22, 2017

S. Korean president says 'original' agreement was to deploy one THAAD launcher in 2017

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said Thursday that only one rocket launcher was originally scheduled to be deployed in 2017 under the country's agreement with the United States to host its THAAD missile defense system. He noted the deployment had "mysteriously" accelerated.

In an interview with Reuters, the new South Korean leader said an additional five THAAD launchers were set to be deployed next year under what the British news agency called the "original agreement."

"But for some reason that I do not know, this entire THAAD process was accelerated," he was quoted as saying.

So far, two THAAD launchers have been deployed, with the remaining four launchers already delivered and stored here.


June 22, 2017

Teenage boys wear skirts to school to protest against 'no shorts' policy

Dozens of teenage boys have turned up to school wearing skirts after their headteacher refused to relax the uniform code banning shorts despite the heatwave that has gripped Britain this week.

Pupils at the Isca academy in Exeter argued it was too hot for long trousers and asked if they could wear shorts as temperatures this week rose above 30C.


One boy told Devon Live he had been told on Wednesday the skirt was too short and his legs too hairy. Some of the boys had taken this into account and bought razors to shave their legs.

One boy in year nine wearing a skirt said the protest had started with five boys wearing skirts but he expected “hundreds” to follow suit. Asked if he was enjoying the experience, he said he appreciated the “nice breeze”.


Anything to stay cool (or cool as can be in that weather)

June 22, 2017

Israeli airline can't make women move seats for religious reasons, court rules

Flight stewards working for Israel’s national carrier El Al cannot request female passengers to move seats to accommodate ultra-orthodox men who do not want to sit next to them, a court has ruled.

The landmark case was brought by 82-year old Holocaust survivor Renee Rabinowitz, who sued the airline for discrimination after being asked to move seats to accommodate an ultra-orthodox male passenger in 2015. When she challenged the practice, she was told by staff that the policy had been approved at board level.

Describing the controversial practice as “discriminatory”, judge Dana Cohen-Lekah ruled that “under absolutely no circumstances can a crew member ask a passenger to move from their designated seat because the adjacent passenger doesn’t want to sit next to them due to their gender”.



June 14, 2017

Historians agree. And Democrats and Never Trumpers are shocked

satire warning

Today a survey of 1000 historians came out (a bigly number) rating US Presidents in their respective centuries and while there is some disagreements as to who the top 3 presidents are of the 19th Century; most say 1. Lincoln, 2 and 3 are varied between Jefferson, A. Jackson, Monroe and Madison.
There was less disagreement about the 20th Century 1 and 2 were Roosevelts (though which was better is disputed), third had four possibles: Truman, Reagan, LBJ and Clinton.
There was no disagreement by historians on the 21st Century US Presidents. They are in complete agreement that Donald Trump is the 3rd Greatest US President of the 21st Century.
"Trump better than Clinton and LBJ!" Sean Hannity began his show on Wednesday night.
"Take that Truman!" Trump tweeted almost immediately after the announcement
"See? Trump is the unanimous pick for 3rd best US President of the 21st Century." The couch sitters exclaimed. With Steve Doocy quickly pointing out, "This is huge! I mean, not even Ronald Reagan is a consensus 3rd best of his century." while the other two nodded in agreement.
"See?! My father is better in his century than Clinton was in his." Eric Trump told friends as they toasted the news with a common man's bottle of the most expensive wine imported from France.
Notables, such as Newt Gingrich, Paul Ryan, John Sununu and some drunken guy were quick to congratulate Trump. While his cabinet all immediately met and fawned over Trump's accomplishment.
"I don't think anyone has ever been given that kind of recognition so early in their presidency." HHS Secretary Tom Price pointed out. While Trump smiled and nodded in agreement.
"Yes. It is a great accomplishment. THIRD greatest US President of the 21st Century. "Just think what they'll be saying in 50 years."

June 11, 2017

Then it will likely be never

Trump state visit to Britain delayed over protest fears: Guardian

U.S. President Donald Trump's planned state visit to Britain has been postponed after he told Prime Minister Theresa May in a phone conversation he did not want to come until the public supported his visit, the Guardian reported on Sunday.

Citing an unnamed adviser at May's Downing Street office who was in the room at the time, the Guardian reported on its website that the conversation between the two leaders took place in recent weeks.


That will likely be NEVER or the 31st of February. Which ever comes first

June 11, 2017

Pence family cat Oreo passes away


Second lady Karen Pence tweeted photos of the family pet, adding, "Rest in peace Oreo. You touched a lot of hearts in your little life." The photos included shots of the Vice President in a tuxedo holding the black-and-white feline, who moved with the family to the vice president's residence on the grounds of the Naval Observatory after the election.

An aide to the vice president said Oreo was 13 years old and was especially endeared to the Pence's youngest daughter, Audrey, who is 23.

In a White House absent of pets and animals, the second family has filled the void with several family pets, including a bunny, Marlon Bundo, which is also black and white and has garnered a national following and even appeared at official White House events.


June 8, 2017

Ripple (From Community Chest in Singapore)

Very cute. I cried
Leaves us with something to to think about
How we can touch people's lives
And they may have lasting effects

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