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rpannier's Journal
rpannier's Journal
May 11, 2016

Idiot Smashes 120+ Year Old Statue

According to Reuters, some dimbulb decided it would be a good idea to climb up the pedestal of the statue of King Dom Sebastiao at the railway station in Lisbon to take a selfie.
The dingus knocked the statue over, smashing it in the process
The loser ran away, but fortunately was arrested later
He will appear before a judge on a later date

No word yet on what punishment the prosecution will ask for if convicted, though there are many suggestions out there; one would have the selfie taker forced to wear armor and stand on the pedestal in place of the statue until it's fixed.


May 9, 2016

Unusual Friendship Between Wolf and Bear

These two were spotted by Finnish photographer Lassi Rautiainen

He photographed them for 10 days straight

Theory as to why they're friends is that they were probably orphaned very young and needed each other to survive


May 8, 2016

Some of the best Trump slams come from Republicans

There are about 8 of us who were having drinks in Itaewon (foreign section of Seoul, South Korea). None of us are in the military, but a few of us (like me) were. 5 of the group are Republicans, though not really in the modern Republican sense. They're more Rockefeller, Ford, Dewey, Kassebaum kinds of Republicans
We got talking about Trump and none of them are happy with him, though one or two said they might consider voting for him.

There were some really great lines, but these were my three favorite comments about Trump the nominee

1. Using movie metaphor
I really like the movies House of 1,000 Corpses and the Devil's Rejects. The movies are really well made and House is really creepy. Captain Spaulding is a great character and so are the Fireflies. But, damn, I really don't want Capt Spaulding, Mother Firefly, Grampa Hugo, Skunk Ape Wife, Tiny and Baby as President, Vice-President and in the frickin cabinet.
I agree about both movies and his using those characters as similes for Trump, Palin and the rest of the clowns that have lined up behind him

2. Also a movie metaphor
Change the white face to orange and his hair to orange-red instead of red and I wouldn't be surprised to hear, "Oh Yes they float Georgie. They float. And when you're down here with me, you float too!"
His Tim Curry as Pennywise impersonation was quite good.
If you don't know the reference: Pennywise the Dancing Clown, Stephen King's It

3. And the best
If the Republicans planned on f*cking throwing this election, they should'a just said so and we could have just voted for Clinton, Sanders or O' Malley and saved us this bullsh*t, time and money.

May 5, 2016

Barnet polling station 'shambles' as London mayoral election voters turned away in lists blunder

The London mayoral election started with an “absolute shambles” in one borough as voters were turned away from polling stations given incomplete electoral lists.

Hundreds of residents in Barnet said they were told they could not vote without their polling card, while some carrying the document said they were also refused.

Arjun Mittra, a Labour councillor for East Finchley ward, said the “logistical nightmare” affected every one of the borough’s 90 polling stations.

“Out of the seven people who came to my polling station in the first 10 minutes, only one was able to vote,” he told The Independent.


May 2, 2016

Why I'll Vote for HRC in the GE

I will admit I am not thrilled with HRC as the nominee, ask anyone in the HRC Group; I support Sanders
But it would be rather hypocritical for me, a Corbyn and a Sanders supporter if I didn't
For months I have railed against the Blairites in the UK and their undermining of the guy who won the Labour Party leadership race
They can't seem to accept that Corbyn won and that it is their responsibility to rally around their leader
Instead, there are many of the Labour Parliamentarians who have actively worked to undermine his leadership
The Independent published a poll a few months back that showed almost 1 in 4 Labour supporters were unhappy with what they perceived as chaos within Labour; ie they weren't unhappy with Corbyn per se, they were unhappy with the sniping from the whiny losers within the party

I am an American and I vote. I will vote for Clinton, not because she is my first choice, but because I respect the decision of my friends within the party (about 40% of my friends supported HRC, about 45% supported Sanders, the rest didn't vote for either) who voted for her should/when she is the nominee.
I have read some of the idiocracy posted on DU that have attacked the campaign/character of Sanders, of Clinton and even O' Malley -- my first choice (when he was still in the race) and I do not allow the postings of a few ignorant, hyper-partisans to affect my decision, those are irrelevant in my decision

I expected the Blairites to rally around Corbyn when he won and have been frustrated that they haven't.
I think it's fair to expect the same of myself when my candidate doesn't win in the US elections - Democrats Abroad voted Sanders
Yes, I will continue to send money to the Sanders campaign, just like I would have O' Malley had he not left the race. It's not money wasted because I believe in his message and in him more than Clinton
But. I will respect the decision of my fellow Democrats

May 2, 2016

A thread for DUers that are MIA

I got an e-mail requesting aid for 'torchthewitch' tonight and it got me thinking about those members of DU that haven't been seen or heard from in such a long while
I am fortunate to be able to help a bit
But, it got me thinking about Bobolink who I haven't seen in several years
So this thread is for those DUers who have disappeared, gone away, whatever, without letting us know they were gone (i.e. no I'm leaving thread)
I hope that Bobolink is okay.
I hope torch is as well, but at least I know she is still around
Please feel free to share a DUers who has gone away and you're uncertain what happened to them maybe there is someone who has kept in touch

I think about Bobolink from time-to-time.

as a request, if you feel the need to say something nasty or mean spirited about people that disappeared -- save it for your own post

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