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rpannier's Journal
rpannier's Journal
October 26, 2016

Sorry Luntz, but it's not Il Douche Herr Gropenfuror that's the problem

Frank Luntz is still pushing the idea that this was a 'slam dunk' year for the Republicans
Yes, folks! A slam dunk. And it seemed so much a slam dunk too.
A slam dunk in the same sense that this 52-year old 5'8" person could slam dunk over LeBron James.
Slim... None... Slim Left Town

Trump is just the climax of this 30+ year show the Republicans have been running and this year wouldn't have been a slam dunk even if everyone left the court and gave the fictional Republican candidate a ladder to climb to drop the ball in the basket

Here's why. The numbers do not add up
For the most part, the Republicans have won about 22 to 24 states over the past decade-and-a-half (please note, most part. I realize Obama won NC and Indiana once). It's not a bad number of states, but here's the problem, when you remove Texas, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Missouri, Indiana and Tennessee from the list, none of the other states have more than 9 electoral votes. Total EV 115
5 of those states (MT, WY, SD, ND, AK) have only 3. Idaho has 4 and Nebraska and West Virginia have 5.

Even if the Republicans were to win all 24 of those states, that's 206 EV

Let's say they hold all those states and win Iowa and Ohio (that's about as rosy a picture as they can get) 230 EVs

The Democrats have won CA, NY, NJ, IL, PA MI, WI, MN, WA, MA and MD in every election this century (4 to be exact).
Every one of those states has double-digit EV: Total 207. Pretty hefty number against your 115
Throw in Hawaii, Oregon, Colorado, NM, the entire northeast and DC that's 254
Now, only Florida, Virginia and Nevada are left
Nevada become irrelevant as it doesn't push either over the top

But if the Republican wins all 3, he has 281 EVs. That's 9 more than he needs to win. 3 states that voted Obama both times.
But, your guy has to win both Virginia and Florida to win
Unlikely at best

Even without Trump at the head of their ticket; Cruz, Kasich or Bush, would be a very tall order for them to win the White House and it would be by a very narrow margin at best.
Sorry, Mr. Luntz, with or without Trump, your party would get a slam dunk the same way you'd get one in a 1:1 vs Charles Barkley or Stephen Curry

For thirty years you catered to a dwindling demographic and now, you're in very deep trouble

October 21, 2016

Il Douche Fires What is Preventing Him from Winning

October 20, 2016

How a non-loser reacts to losing

Letter from George Bush I he left in the Oval Office for incoming President Bill Clinton
Could you see Il Douche losing the same way

on note: I am not and was never a supporter of the Bush's. But, Bush I has more class in his fingernail that Trump could ever have
October 20, 2016

Pretty Much explains Herr Gropenfuror

Clinton brought up that when the FBI said there was no case, Trump said the FBI was rigged. When he lost the Iowa caucus, he said that was rigged. When he lost the Wisconsin primary, he said that was rigged. When he got sued over fraud for Trump University, he said the court system was rigged. “There was even a time when he didn’t get an Emmy for his TV program three years in a row, and he started tweeting that the Emmys were rigged,” Clinton said.

October 20, 2016

The Ultimate Apocalypse Grifter is still doing his thing

Not Il Douche but Ron Paul

I see he's pushing economic Armageddon, the collapse of the US economy, economic martial law, etc
Though all of that was supposed to happen on Sep 30
The guy will let anyone use his name to support their imbecilic, panic driven drivel about the economy going bust soon... Soon... SOON.... SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!

Oh... and buy gold quickly before it happens -- that's something that also always seems to be included

October 18, 2016

'If You're Down 11 Points In PA., They Ain't Stealing Nothing From You'

Fox News' Chris Stirewalt on Outnumbered

October 17, 2016

In this election I'm not voting for her or him

I voted Snoopy


October 15, 2016

To the woman in the Trump Can Grab My P@@@Y Shirt

This is to/about the woman who attended a Trump Rally Wearing a Homemade Shirt that said Trump Can Grab My Pus..

I saw a picture of you wearing a homemade tank top shirt sporting 'Trump Can Grab My Pussy'

This has nothing to do with my political feelings toward your shirt or whether my personal morals have been offended or anything. I don't care about the coarse words he used (though some people may). In fact, I am probably one of the last people to have the right to call you, Trump or anyone else out for lax morals; one because my past is hardly one of high morals and virtue, two, maybe, because I don't belong to the Party of Personal Responsibility as you do and three I don't care what you do or want as long as you and the person your with are okay with

Interestingly enough, your shirt goes to the heart of it and you don't seem to be aware of it:

The first is consent. If your shirt rings true and is not some attempt to just garner attention, then you are saying to Mr Trump that he may touch your genital area. Fine. I don't have a problem with that, as long as you both agree to it, I don't care if Donald Trump walks down off the podium in Cincinnati and tells you how much he loves your shirt and wishes to show his appreciation for your support right there.
I'm not going to watch. But... if that's what you want and it happens... good on you.
Again, you both consented.
Which in the case of these other women it wasn't true. They did not consent. By his very words, he admits that he didn't get consent and he didn't care (still doesn't). He just walked up and started groping them. If you still don't understand why that's a problem, maybe you're missing the concept of power, which Mr Trump enjoys flaunting for the whole world.
If you missed it, Mr Trump clearly says he can go backstage where no other men are because he owns the show. He walks in on them while they are in various states of undress and he thinks that's okay

Second, and this is an issue that doesn't just afflict you or just Trump supporters. It's the idea that you seem to think
because I am okay with it happening to me, no one else should have an issue with it either.
Your shirt is a self-important piece of work designed to denigrate anyone who doesn't share your place in the world.
Again, I'm okay with you agreeing to it (point 1) and not having a problem with it. But that doesn't mean others have to accept it just because in your world everything you think is fine is automatically just peachy keen
I'd be curious, had Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, Dick Durbin or Gov Jerry Brown forced themselves upon you and started groping you without your consent would that be okay? Or, would you protest?
And if you did protest, would it be okay for other women (or me) to denigrate you for being whiny when it would be okay with us for these men (or women if it were one) to do so?

TBH, for me, I don't care if he says I groped their pu$$5, grabbed their a$$ or anything else. Do not think of me as a prude. I don't offend easily by those words. But, I think it says something about the individual when they use those words; much the same way when people overuse profane words.
But, this issue really shouldn't be about the middle-school potty mouth Mr Trump posses. It's about the crime he admitted to having committed.
And as I stated in the beginning, your lack of awareness is what your shirt says to me... You missed the whole point and your shirt speaks volumes to that.

October 12, 2016

Conversation with an Undecided Voter

Friend of mine, Iowa voter
We both live overseas (Korea)
He's in a quandary, he loathes HRC, but doesn't like Trump
Unlike me, an Illinois voter, his vote is rather important since his state is a toss up

I said, "Well... try this. If you can, give me three reasons to vote for HRC. They can't have anything to do with Trump. It can't be, I hate Trump. Trump is dangerous. Trump's hair is ugly. Whatever. Only For."

He gave me 1. She understands the political process in Washington. 2. She was a fairly successful SoS. 3. She seems competent.

I said, "Okay. Give me three reasons to vote for Trump. Can't be I hate Hillary. Or... anything about Bill. Or she ran over my dog. Why vote for Trump?"

He sat, thought about it and couldn't come up with anything.
I said, "I think you answered your own question."

I've noticed, since his 900 million dollar loss when 900 million was a whole lotta money and the US had many fewer billionaires, that the 'businessman' attraction has kind of died as a reason.
So, he really has nothing to offer the non-delusional

It's easier when they decide for themselves

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