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Gender: Male
Current location: Boseong
Member since: Fri Jan 30, 2004, 05:44 AM
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DeSantis Still Losing Ground Against Trump

A new Yahoo News/YouGov poll suggests that Gov. Ron DeSantis may have actually lost ground Donald Trump since officially entering the race for the 2024 GOP nomination.

Among potential Republican primary voters, Trump now leads the full field of seven declared candidates with 53%. That’s up from 48% in early May, before DeSantis threw his hat in the ring. And DeSantis now lags further behind than he did just a few weeks ago; his 25% is down from 28% in early May.

Put another way, DeSantis trailed Trump by 20 points in the previous Yahoo News/YouGov poll. Today, he trails by 28 points.


As more people learn about Rob (sic) the less they like him

What a week

In case you missed some of the weirdness, oddities, and/or "Oh, him (or her)"/ "Who's that?" for the week. Here are seven stories out there

1. Tara Reade, who accused Biden, of sexually assaulting her, has turned up in Russia. She now has Russian citizenship. She is grateful for the help she received from Maria Butina (you know, the Russian spy at the NRA) in getting Russian citizenship. According to Reade, had she not fled she'd have wound up in a cage or killed. But provided no other information.

2. Shotaro Kishida, the son of Japanese PM Fumio Kishida had a party for himself, his friends and some relatives at the PMs residence. He has been fired as an aid for his father. Kishida has been embarrassed by his son in the past; he has used Embassy cars to take private excursions and go on shopping trips while visiting other countries with his father. Another in a long line of Japanese PMs with relatives who embarrass.

3. On GB news, an unidentified woman who is a butcher was complaining about the lack of workers for farms in the Boston (UK) area. She understands why no British people want those jobs because they're very long hours and the pay is not good. She blames the EU for it. I mean, there aren't the laborers there used to be. She voted for Brexit.

4. Christian Rapper Jimmy Levy has made of video of him walking through Target stores talking about wanting to wash the toys with the blood of Christ. Sadly, the music sucks and the video isn't even so bad it's funny. The video is just bleh.
And... he's very upset that Target has Pride stuff

5. Rajesh Vishwas, a food inspector in India dropped his phone in the Kherkatta dam in the state of Chhattisgarh. He "needed" to retrieve it because it had sensitive government information on it. So, they sent in divers to locate it. They couldn't find it. Now, by then, most of us would have figured it was caught in the silt somewhere at the bottom and was ruined anyway, so why bother?
Not, Rajesh Vishwas. He was going to find that phone. So, he ordered the reservoir to be drained to retrieve his dropped phone.
Yep. More than 2m litres of water pumped from dam, enough to irrigate 600 hectares (1,500 acres) of farmland.
The phone was found several days later -- Ruined.

6. Ben Shapiro has been in near panic, meltdown mode for weeks now. It's almost June 1st and like the Grinch at Christmas he's very upset; June is Pride month. Ben Shapiro has this weird obsession with Pride events and homosexuality that makes me wonder if he wasn't hit by a car as a kid by someone who was gay or something. His obsession with Pride month is creepy. What makes Shapiro's rants amusing is that he goes on about how little power we have in a capitalist society, then he turns around and says capitalism is the best.
B.S.'s weird obsession with Elon Musk is still creepier.

7. Kandiss Taylor, a GOP district chair is very upset. She has an obsession with... globes. From a podcast: “All the globes, everywhere” Taylor said later in the discussion. “I turn on the TV, there’s globes in the background … Everywhere there’s globes. You see them all the time, it’s constant. My children will be like ‘Mama, globe, globe, globe, globe’ — they’re everywhere.”
“That’s what they do, to brainwash,” she added. “For me if it’s not a conspiracy. If it is real, why are you pushing so hard everywhere I go? Every store, you buy a globe, there’s globes everywhere. Every movie, every TV show, news media — why? More and more I’m like, it doesn’t make sense.”
Yes, everywhere I go, I see globes. Toy sections. Sporting goods. Food. Pet stores. Doctor's office. Restaurants. I'm always buying one
Taylor is a Trump supporter. Ran for the Republican nomination for gov of Georgia. Got less than 4% of the vote. Initially refused to concede because she was "robbed of victory" because of election fraud. I don't know if she has conceded.

Well, well, well. Color me not surprised

This guy was the P.F. loser who was arrested in Idaho last year. His mom kicked him out of the house
He was among the losers sitting on the ground in cuffs.

White supremacist who targeted LGBTQ+ "pedos" confesses to owning child pornography

Jared Michael Boyce, a recently arrested member of the white nationalist anti-LGBTQ+ organization Patriot Front, has pleaded guilty to possessing images of child sexual abuse. He had previously accused LGBTQ+ people of “grooming children” and advocated for hanging pedophiles and Jews.

FBI agents reportedly found 22 images of child pornography on Boyce’s phone. The images included “children from toddlers to prepubescents performing sexual acts” and also minors “exposing their genitals,” court documents said.

They had planned to smash the phones of anyone trying to record their late-night vandalism. Ironically, their own recording helped identify them. Boyce admitted that the images belonged to him, the court documents added.

He also told investigators that he had had “sexually-themed conversations about children” in an online chatroom, had transferred images of child sex abuse, and had sent an explicit photo of his genitals to a 16-year-old girl.


Kishida removes son as political secretary over party photo controversy

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s eldest son, Shotaro Kishida, will be removed from his position as his father’s political secretary on Thursday, following media reports about a controversial year-end party at the prime minister’s official residence last December.

Images of Shotaro Kishida and relatives having photos taken at symbolically important locations in the residence, including at the staircase used to unveil the last Cabinet as they mimicked members of the political body, surfaced in the media last week. The government had initially reacted by saying that the prime minister had reprimanded his son for inappropriate behavior, but had no intention to dismiss him.


From Thursday, Takayoshi Yamamoto, a long-term secretary of the prime minister who is currently working as personal secretary in Fumio Kishida’s lawmaker’s office and served as political secretary during the prime minister’s first year in office, will take over the position from Shotaro Kishida.


The prime minister’s decision to sack his son comes after opinion polls registered a small drop in the prime minister’s popularity, likely due to the media reports.


Three points:

1. He (Kishida) initially had no intention on relieving his son of his duties until his polling dropped below 50% among the general public. So yeah, he was listening to the public -- but in the context of protecting his own scalp. Though he did claim he gave his son a serious reprimand.

2. His son is another self-entitled relation that seems to plague Prime Ministers. His son used embassy vehicles in the UK, France, and Canada to go on shopping trips and take sight seeing excursions. Kishida tried playing that off by claiming his son was buying gifts for foreign officials and NGOs. Though he never addressed the excursions.
Also, I don't know, but I'd wonder why a French government official would want a gift bought in a French store. I'd think they'd be more pleased to receive something brought from Japan.

3. Unfortunately, these self-entitled losers permeate through Japanese politics like a persistent cancer because their politician parents prepare them to hold elected office. So we get a whole slew of useless, clueless elected officials. Unfortunately, Japanese society, unlike much of Korean society, cannot wean themselves off these parasites

Anti-woke' caller tries to explain what the phrase means... It did not go well LBC

This caller is painful to listen to
James O' Brien just destroys him by letting the caller hang himself (rhetorically)
It's all so civil as well

Meet The Man Who Shoots At Birds All Day To Keep Them Off A Toxic Pit World Wide Waste

If migrating species land on the Berkeley Pit for more than a few hours, they get cooked from the inside out. Now, miners use a rifle, drones, and lasers to scare the birds away.

MTG threatens to switch to Coors beer


Southern Generals Who Didn't Turn Traitor in the Civil War

Unlike Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and the like, these southerners stayed with the U.S.

David Farragut:
You may not know the man, but you likely know his famous battle cry, "Damn the Torpedoes! Full speed ahead!" He urged his naval forces forward in the Battle of Mobile Bay in 1864. He lead the capture of New Orleans

George Henry Thomas:
As a teenager, he and his family took to hiding in the woods during the Nat Turner Slave Rebellion in 1831. What he took away from the experience was far different than most people around him did. He decided that maybe the slaves weren't so happy after-all. A close friend of Lee, everyone assumed he'd join the confederacy, but he didn't. His roommate at West Point was William T. Sherman. His units were instrumental in several key Union victories.
His family in Virginia didn't speak to him for years. He reconciled with his brothers, but his sisters never spoke to him again.
He commanded Union victories at the Battle of Mill Springs, Kentucky (1862), Chickamauga in Georgia (1863), and the Battle of Nashville (1864). He was at the Battle of Stone’s River (1862–1863), the Chattanooga Campaign (1863) in Tennessee and, under William T. Sherman, in the Atlanta Campaign (1864).
Thomas commanded African-American soldiers. He was a supporter of civil rights during reconstruction and a confidant of Grant.

William Rufus Terrill:
He wrote to his family, "I am as I have ever been true to my oath, true to my country — and true to the flag that floats over, whose folds I should prefer to be my winding sheet rather than see the dissolution of this once glorious country.”
He was killed in the Battle of Perryville in 1862. He was a Brigadier General at the time.
Two of his three brothers died in the war fighting for the Confederacy. To which I say, quoting the words of Michael Che, "Good"

Phillip St. George Cooke:
Gen Cooke wrote, “I owe Virginia little; my country much.” He is credited the Father of the Modern Cavalry. He lead the successful Peninsula Campaign.
His son chose the confederacy. They didn't speak for decades after the war.
He defeated his son-in-law J.E.B. Stuart who also turned traitor and fought for the south.

Edmund Jackson Davis:
Born in Florida. Family moved to Texas. He chose the Union. He commanded troops in Texas that stayed with America. He was elected governor during Reconstruction. A staunch supporter of civil rights for the freed slaves. He was voted out of office in an election that was likely fraudulent (really fraudulent, as opposed to trump's imaginary one)

John Gibbon:
A soldiers soldier. Born in Philly, his family moved to North Carolina to own property, including slaves. An artillery specialist, when the war broke out he stayed with America, while his brothers joined the traitors. He commanded the "Iron Brigade" at Second Bull Run, South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg and Gettysburg. He was wounded at Gettysburg. After recovering, he returned to fight in the battles of the Wilderness, Spotsylvania Court House, Cold Harbor and Petersburg. He was at Appamatox Courthouse with Grant for Lee's surrender.

Winfred Scott:
Not exactly the greatest person on the list, (he participated in the forced removal of Native Americans in the Trail of Tears) he was the second American General to achieve the ran of Lt. General after George Washington. His poor health and inability to get along with Lincoln lead to his removal and retirement. Though Ulysses S. Grant eventually used a strategy similar to Scott’s proposed “Anaconda Plan” which was instrumental in Union Victory in the war.

How Farmers Won the Netherlands' Local Elections

Lots of good information and well explained on why the Farmer's Party victories in local elections is so significant
I did not realize they got the most votes in every province

What a family (the sovcit brother of a 1/6 traitor)

The guy in this video titled, "What NOT To Do When Pulled Over With a Truck Full of Illegal Firearms" is the brother of Joshua Doolin, a Jan 6 rioter. Samuel Doolin was pulled over because the truck had no plate and he stuck an orange triangle on it, claiming that made it a farm vehicle. Mr S. Doolin claims to be a sovereign citizen.
He failed to comply with anything the officer told him to do. He had a gun on the seat between him and his g/f, wife, passenger, whatever (going to assume she is also a sovshi... sovcit).
Ultimately the sheriff's dept and state police broke the windows on his vehicle, pulled both of them from the truck, cuffed them, arrested them and found numerous illegal weapons in the vehicle, including one with the serial number filed off

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