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Member since: Sun Jan 4, 2004, 05:01 PM
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Good Guy With A Gun

Free Parking February 28, 2018

From tragedy comes new hope for our future. What no adult could or would do is being done by teenagers. Their direct action has loosened the political stranglehold of the NRA. Major company after major company is running from the advocates of kid killing guns, and they’re pulling money and resources from the organization that has long threatened anyone who would dare to mention sane regulations.

Why does the NRA fight tooth and nail against closing the loopholes that avoid thorough background checks; keeping guns from domestic abusers and those who are mentally ill? The organization seems to advocate for gun manufacturers, not gun owners; 85% of whom support regulations. Does Wayne LaPierre get kickback commission for every gun and bullet sold? He must be well paid to have such disregard for human life; but, with the loss of sponsors, his coffers may become bare because the corporations are responding to the demands of the people.

In the first 2 months of 2018, there have been 18 school shooting incidents, two were intended massacres and two were suicides. Secondary school shootings are committed by white males 79% of the time who generally fall into one of 3 categories, psychotic, traumatized or psychopathic and unable to feel empathy. This speaks to our country’s great need for mental health care, especially in our schools. While this is generally known, the Republicon Congress has cut national education and health care budgets again, making mental health care impossible.

Good guys with guns don’t stop bad guys with guns. Last week’s school massacre proved that. The “good guy” school cop and his gun hid outside until the killer finished his rampage. Then the three other “good guy” cops (hiding behind their car, guns drawn) missed the killer who left the scene to go buy snacks after killing 17 people. I’d say this theory of “good guy with gun overcomes bad guys” is a massive failure.

Studies show that gun violence correlates to the number of guns in the same population. More guns equal more gun deaths.

The paradigm is shifting and the children are leading us.

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The black eye


I'll bet they've given Trump some Thorzine today

He must be having a stroke of deep fear.

Today is Losar, the Tibetan New Year

This is the year of the earth dog. Loyalty, intelligence are some of the traits of the year. I found this quote this morning and it really touched me. I guess because we have been working diligently cleaning and renewing our space.

Bringing order to clutter, I begin to see, is not just about putting my spices in alphabetical order. On a deeper level, it’s about balancing the twin poles of spiritual life: cherishing life and holding it sacred, while knowing that it will pass away.

—Anne Cushman, “Clearing Clutter”

Free Parking Feb 14, 2018


Free Parking
February 14, 2018

Donald Trump claimed he would hire only the best people. But what he didn’t say was at what they would excel. Some of those “best” men he hired excel at abusing women; and as Jennifer Rubin noted, “Since abusers lie, you’ll have someone dishonest to the core.” So, in Trump speak, it means he hired deeply flawed human beings.

Three of his “best” ex-employees were accused by their wives of being beaten by them. One ex-wife provided pictures of her black eye. Another alleged her then husband put out a cigarette on her hand. When Trump learned yet another man beat his wife, he affectionately nicknamed him “BamBam.”

And who can forget that Trump’s first wife swore in a court deposition that he pulled her hair and “sexually violated” her. She later recanted the rape. However, Trump has admitted on tape to being a serial sexual predator and has been publicly accused of unwanted sexual advances by 19 women.

Recently Trump’s friend, Steve Wynn, was forced to resign from his political position as treasurer of the RNC and from his gambling empire, after decades of brutalizing his female employees became known.

Joni Mitchell wrote these lyrics in the 70s… ”You don’t like weak women they make you sick; you don’t like strong women ‘cause they’re hip to your tricks.” Fortunately, that “you” doesn’t represent all men; only those who are so consumed by fear and ignorance, they bully and strut to cover their true feelings of inferiority.

The deplorable actions of these men are not new or news. Few women are shocked; but most are fed up with misogyny in all its forms. Indeed it does seem that it might be #TimesUp for misogyny.

It is not the responsibility of women to “fix” the problem of men being deplorable. Rather this is a call to men who are strong in themselves who see each of us as human beings. It is you who must teach your fellows the meaning of being human.

Through the combined efforts of both strong women and men, indeed we can introduce a new paradigm of equality and dignity.

(Posted in its entirety ... my weekly column)

So many hearts! Thank you!

This makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Thank you for my heart!

It's really so nice to know that someone likes me! I love DU!

Question submitted by WhiteTara

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New York Attorney General to Investigate Firm That Sells Fake Followers


The New York attorney general, Eric T. Schneiderman, on Saturday opened an investigation into a company that sold millions of fake followers on social media platforms, some of them copying real users’ personal information.

The company, Devumi, and its sale of automated followers to a swath of celebrities, sports stars, journalists and politicians, was detailed in a New York Times article published earlier on Saturday. While based in Florida, Devumi claims on its website to be based in New York City.

At least 55,000 of its “bot” accounts used names, pictures, hometowns and other details taken from people on Twitter. The real users hailed from every U.S. state, including New York, and dozens of countries, a Times analysis found.

“Impersonation and deception are illegal under New York law,” Mr. Schneiderman wrote on Twitter. “We’re opening an investigation into Devumi and its apparent sale of bots using stolen identities.”

This is really big stuff. Businesses are defrauded of millions every year and the orange anus gets followers. Go Eric!!!
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