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H2O Man

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Member since: Mon Dec 29, 2003, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 58,542

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Student Power

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you.
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
for they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls.
For those souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
which you can not visit, even in your dreams.

You may strive to be like them,
but seek not to make them like you,
for life goes not backward
nor tarries with yesterday.

You are the bows from which your children
as living arrows are sent forth ….
Let your bending in the archer's hand
be for gladness.
-- Kahlil Gibran


“America, where are you now?
Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
Don't you know, we need you now?
We can't fight alone against this monster.”
Steppenwolf; Monster; 1969.

The mass-murder at the Florida school last week showed the intensity of the sickness that threatens our society. The voices of the student survivors express not only a call to conscience, but a path to treatment and healing. They speak the Truth.

I am in awe of their goodness.

H2O Man


I like to think about cycles. There are cycles in nature, such as the four seasons we experience here in the northeast. There are social and political cycles, too. There's even news cycles. And, generally speaking, one cycle leads to another.

It wasn't actually that long ago that the resignation of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe dominated for a news cycle. A number of people questioned if this would lead to an even more damaging cycle within the administration. In a very real sense, it has ….though not the one that good people worried about.

For several days now, in an extended news cycle by current standards, the coverage has focused on the knee-capping of Rob Porter, and the purposeful though pathetic lies coming from the White House. In Trump's mind, this is an example of the “deep state” attacking his presidency. And, to be fair, he is not totally wrong: pressure the FBI deputy director to “retire,” and somehow or another, information on Porter's criminal history gets released to the media.

In fact, the operation to nail Porter involves some in the FBI. It was well run, and well coordinated .General Kelly was again exposed for purposeful lying. And it connects with today's hearing, with the top six in the intelligence community. The FBI actually did inform the White House that their background check was complete, and Porter should be denied clearance.

What isn't being reported yet, so far as I know, is that then, Kelly and the White House counsel had to have informed Trump. He then had the option of either getting rid of Porter, or granting him clearance required to do that job.

Instead, Trump opted to do neither. Instead, he choose to allow Porter continue in his role. If not for the information being leaked, Porter would still be there ….with a promotion, no less.

Also, each of the six intelligence officials exposed the fact that Russia poses a problem for the 2018 elections, and Trump hasn't done a damned thing about it.

A two-week cycle comes full-circle.

A Soft Parade

"Can you give me sanctuary
I must find a place to hide
A place for me to hide

“Can you find me soft asylum
I can't make it anymore
The Man is at the door ….”
Mr. Moho Risin'

The Trump meltdown is underway. You know that, of course. I had anticipated that he'd approach this point of losing self-control later in the month of February. It's pleasant to see things unfolding faster than expected.

There are several reasons that Trump is behaving like a trapped animal (the most obvious being that he is). For sake of discussion, we can personalize two of the most important: Representative Adam Schiff and Robert Mueller. It's funny how that works, considering that Trump likes to personalize problems, and depersonalize people.

Trump has been warned by his lawyers that attacking the Department of Justice and FBI is not a good tactic. It's better, they have said, not to publicly attack anyone, but if you have to attack anyone, make it a Democrat. His political advisers recommended that he attack the “process” of the investigation that now threatens his presidency – but attack what took place before Mr. Mueller was appointed.

The president's cohorts worked with Rep. Nunes in an attempt to discredit the DOJ/FBI's FISA warrant application for Carter Page. Recent events suggest they recently became aware that Page may have been a double-agent, which is of considerable concern in terms of Trump being questioned by Mr. Mueller. However, the Nunes memo turned out to be as impotent as his March, 2017 “emergency” press conference.

Democrats in the committee are looking to have their memo in response to the Nunes nonsense. Rep. Schiff has become a powerful and important voice on these matters. Hence, Trump's recent attempt – totally unsuccessful – to target Rep. Schiff were doomed to failure. It's said that this frustrates, and he does not do frustration well. I anticipate this dynamic will provide more entertainment as the weeks go by.

Trump fears confrontations with two men – Putin and Mr. Mueller. There is no expectations for Trump to engage in conflict with Putin on the horizon. However, events are on course for a conflict with Mr. Mueller in regard to the interview that Trump has long said he'd gladly participate in. It's not like he's worried about lying to the press and public. But he fears being exposed as the punk he is …..and so he knows, should he attempt to opt out on the advice of his lawyers, he'll be seen as a coward.

Worse yet, his lawyers haven't the ability to protect Trump if he gets a certified invitation – for him, alone – to talk to Mr. Mueller in front of the grand jury. Trump could, of course, exercise his fifth amendment rights. Trump would have to be fully convinced that wouldn't “leak” to the media. Despite Team Mueller and the grand jury's having not leaked thus far, Trump is far too paranoid to think this wouldn't leak immediately. (Indeed, it might, considering Trump's legal team's history.)

So, will Donald roll the dice, and attempt to go toe-to-toe with Mr. Mueller? His lawyers and friends are almost all telling him not to, because they – like everyone else – know that would end badly for him. The cowardly Trump doesn't process information well under mild stress; the current events have created the most significant pressure of his presidency. So what's a Donald to do?

The “shut down” tantrum at the beginning of the week served as a preview of what will surely follow. This wasn't simply a president angered by Democrats in the House and Senate. Watch his eyes while he's spouting the vile. Then, consider the underlying message: if Trump would favor shutting the government down if he didn't get his way, what is he capable of if the Mueller investigation threatens to remove him from office?

Let's see ….what else has been reported recently, that might be connected? Perhaps Trump's increasing desire to have a military parade? One question: who do you think that Trump fantasizes will honor? Clearly, this is a highly disturbed i8ndividual who has convinced himself that, if the legislative and judicial branches attempt to remove him, he can just say no, as “commander-in-chief.”

Both Nixon and Reagan had officials who willingly served as “lightening rods” to distract attention from them when there was a threat that the shit was about to hit the fan. (Cheney had George W., who unwittingly did so.) Thus, when General Kelly was reported to have said some offensive things, one could be forgiven for mistaken this has volunteer lightning rodding. But it's far, far worse than that.

In his book on “The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness,” Erich Fromm addressed how a malignant narcissist will influence certain military leaders and others. Much of the book focused on Hitler, making use of the historic record to illustrate this concept. Simply put, a malignant narcissist appeals to other people's very worst side. He provides the fertilizer necessary for others' bad sides to grow and flower …..so that his madness can flourish

That Kelly would express support for Rob Porter is not surprising. I've yet to see any forum member posting, “Gosh! I didn't see that coming!” It's not a shock to learn that a racist pig is also a sexist pig. It's not just Porter who is mired in that “look what you made me do!” mindset. Kelly clearly believes that whatever happened, the women deserved it. He'd defend the “grab them by the pussy” bit if it surfaced while he was serving Trump.

This is the ilk of human beings currently in charge of the executive branch. Because they inhabit a shared psychosis, all the insanity seems “normal” to them. If there were ever a “normal” person in the Trump circle, they would rapidly feel isolated, and questioning their own sanity. They could not last. This is one of the important factors in normalizing Trump's behavior.

Another factor for spreading the insane atmosphere can be found in attempts to either dictate to the media what their coverage will be. The obvious example is Fox News. Imagine, if you will, the distorted mental processing required to identify Fox News as reality-based. Any journalists who do report accurately are attacked, discredited, and ignored.

The positive aspects are that just as some ordinary people fulfill their worst potential while in the orbit of a malignant narcissist, others can and do step up to a higher level. Contrast the difference between the general corporate media's initial support of the Bush-Cheney war in Iraq, with today's coverage of Trump. Numerous journalists are delivering news that is powerful and true.

Likewise, a growing number of Democrats in the House and Senate are stepping up. This includes those who are advocating for the investigation of the Trump-Russian scandal. It includes a number of Democrats who are able to convince some important republican leaders to let the White House know that Trump must not fire Mr. Mueller. And it includes a few who are working behind the scenes to abort any plans Trump may have for a “preemptive strike” against North Korea, to try to create an emergency state in the US.

Trump will be getting a parade soon, though not the type he fantasizes about.

H2O Man

Trump and his Monkey

Donald Trump incorrectly believes that the pathetic “Nunes memo” – a document that White House aides and others wrote for Nunes, who has not read the underlying material – removes the monkey from his back. Rather, it simply suggests that the monkey wears a fisherman's hat, similar to the sailor's cap he wore while serving in the US Navy. As “retired” Office of Naval Intelligence officer Malcolm Nance noted after the memo's release, there is reason to suspect that Page is a double agent ….which puts the Trump team's efforts to discredit the evidence gathered from the FISA warrants as “the poison fruit from a poison tree.”

It may be that Page isn't actually a double agent, turned by American intelligence agencies in 2014, after Russian intelligence attempted to employ him. I'd put it at about one-in-three that he's not, and simply is as “strange” as he seems. Certainly, not all former ONI people are good people, with Steve Bannon serving as a prime example. But, even if Page isn't a double agent, he is no more likely to put his neck on the line to protect Trump, than is Bannon.

Neither Trump nor Nunes have the intellectual capacity to grasp what is in play in terms of the effort to promote the memo. Yet Trump is convinced that it somehow clears him in the Mueller investigation. It could be that he is equally likely to claim that today's Super Bowl clears him. But it is likely that someone – perhaps John Kelly – who played a role in this curious play has convinced him that it aids his legal team. Whoever it was, they were clearly wrong.

The Nunes memo was, at very best, a re-make of Nunes' classic failure in March of 2017. It is obvious that there is no lie he won't tell, or any humiliation he will not suffer, in order to protect Trump. One might question why this is? I would suggest it is related to his role in the Trump transition, as well as his family business – which involves significant Russian investment. If any republican congressman is implicated by the Mueller investigation, it will be Nunes.

For a few months now, I've mentioned that Page appears to have some characteristics of a double agent. Last week, a day after I commented on this in an essay here, Malcolm Nance said the same thing. I, of course, was speculating. Malcolm Nance is definitely the expert on this topic, and the best source we have. I'm also confident that Michael Isikoff and David Corn will be releasing some explosive information soon, possibly this week. I'd recommend listening to those three closely.

Were I to guess, I'd think that Trump's belief that everybody around him has something to hide, and thus can't testify to his wrong-doings, will take a hit. The Carter Page issues, quite interestingly, lean more to the topic of conspiracies between the Trump campaign and Russia, rather than with the obstruction. That would seem important.

H2O Man

Be Here Now

“Rhythm is everything in boxing. Every move you make starts with your heart, and that’s in rhythm or you’re in trouble. Your rhythm should set the pace of the fight. If it does, then you penetrate your opponent’s rhythm. You make him fight your fight, and that’s what boxing is all about.”
Sugar Ray Robinson; Sugar Ray

I think that everyone recognizes that we are in a serious struggle for our country and way of life. While it's more than just Trump as an individual, Trump as president is the most glaring threat to our constitutional democracy. And that has been apparent over the past 48 hours.

In political-social movements, there is always a flow: your side makes gains, then the opposition appears to. Some of the times, the opposition does some damage to your side; other times, you block their punches. But you always keep your eyes open – and on the prize – and look for openings to begin your next attack.

Last night, Joe Kennedy III displayed the type of skills needed to respond to Trump. He's not a perfect person, nor a perfect candidate. Yet he delivered a positive message, that not only keeps hope alive, but laid out a path to Democratic Party victories in 2018 and 2020. And beyond.

I say “beyond,” because I've seen numerous people express opinions on if he should or should not be on our presidential ticket in 2020. (Edited correction : He will not be running in 2020, as I noted, but could.)

It's best to stay focused on the here and now. We have important elections we need to concentrate on this year. And we have numerous good options for 2020, each of which can reach their full potential only if we do well this year.

H2O Man

Memo: DU Secret Society Meeting

Secret Society Members
c/o DU's Deep State
Old Swamp Turnpike
Washington, DC 20500

Memorandum on Super Secret Meeting

Dear Secret Society Member:

Please plan to attend the Annual Super Secret Society Ball, which again will be held at the Democratic Front's Top Secret Headquarters. In order to read, diagnose, and respond to this message, use your Secret Society Special Carter Page Double-Agent Code Ring. The one-day meeting will be held on the weekend of “February 30-31” (the exact day being secret).

The Secret Society currently has unlimited funds, due to a massive, untraceable, and illegal grant from the Clinton Foundation. As you may have seen, as not reported, we will disperse these funds liberally to finance our underhanded attempts to restore our constitutional democracy. After distributing massive amounts of cash so dirty that it appears to have been laundered with Steve Bannon's socks, there will be numerous committee reports.

The afternoon opens with Glace Slick's reporting on the successful effort to inject a timed-release ounce of liquid LSD-25 into Sean Hannity's sinus cavity. This dose will be released at the end of Ms. Slick's presentation, and we will witness the results on our new high-definition theater screen, approximately five minutes into Hannity's show.

Next up is the christian evangelist group, the Organization of Religious Groups Against Smutty Material (ORGASM). They will be showing a brief clip of a cult classic by director Vladimir Putin, featuring Donald Trump and three Russian prostitutes. The film was reportedly hacked from Putin's collection by Malcolm Nance, and free copies will be available for distribution.

Oprah Winfrey will then give free buses to audience members, to transport illegal aliens from state-to-state for full participation in the 2018 elections. Computer discs containing the vital statistics of dead republicans will be included with each bus, in order for the masses to infiltrate every republican primary, complete with instructions on how to cast a write-in vote for Roy Moore.

Then, the long-awaited transcripts of the transcripts of President Obama's tapping Donald Trump's telephones will be released. As a special surprise gift, there will be tapes made from the “bugs” that the CIA planted in both Trump's office and home. A much-anticipated highlight is the conversation that Donald Trump, Jr. had with his father immediately following his “dirt-on-Clinton” meeting with the Russian intelligence operatives in June, 2016.

This will be followed by a secret speech by the Secret Society's new Deputy Director of Media Leaks, Andrew McCabe. Though he only officially began at this new position this afternoon, it is anticipated that he will smoothly transition in, Director of Media Leaks James Comey believes. It is believed that McCabe will oversee leaking to the New York Times and Washington Post, to unsettle Trump before his State of the Union speech on Tuesday.

Finally, a scientific documentary regarding speculation about Donald Trump's DNA will be presented. See below link:

Hope to see you there!

H2O Man

44 years ago,

at about this very time, I was sitting ringside at Madison Square Garden, waiting for Smokin' Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali to enter the ring. My brother and I were there to watch their second bout.

2018 Golden Gloves

My son's next bout is on March 18, in the semi-finals of the NYS Golden Gloves. I've moved him from light heavyweight last year, to heavyweight this year. I'm also training a young man who fights that day, in the super heavyweight division.

I gave them today off. Starting tomorrow, we resume. With eight weeks of hard training, I'm confident both will be in the finals in May.

Beyond Good and Evil

“I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a 'thing-oriented' society to a 'person-oriented' society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.; April 4, 1967

I think that Monday was an extremely important point in current history. At a time when many Americans were thinking about the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., his memory was juxtaposed with that of the vile racist Donald Trump. The stark contrast in their characters was obvious for all to see.

It's not just the difference in character between King and Trump that is important, of course. In the larger sense, it's the impact that they have upon other people. Those who respect and honor Dr. King's message are distinct from those who follow and support Trump. Thus, our society is currently experiencing great tension. For that reason, it is important that we fully understand and appreciate the vast differences between “creative tensions,” of which Dr. King mastered, and “negative tensions,” which define Trump.

In their formative years, both men grew up in the shadow of a successful father. The elder King was a prominent minister, and the elder Trump was a “successful” speculator and thief. King's father worked for making a more just society, while Trump's father was a racist Klu Klux Klan member. Both Dr. King and Donald Trump would opt to follow in the footsteps of their fathers' careers. Both experienced some tensions with their fathers as they began to be successful. Both would become national figures, rather than the parochial statuses that their fathers were.

King was a complex man. In his early life, he struggled with serious depression. He sought to identify the “meaning of life” through his early and extraordinary education. Though he was raised in a republican, middle class home, he was fascinated with radical “liberation theology,” as documented in John Ansbro's “Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Making of a Mind” (Maryknoll; 1990). As a result, King would never seek great material wealth.

Trump is a simpleton. He sought his father's approval, but never really obtained it. Hence, his never-ending quest for the admiration of others. More, he defined “success” in terms of crushing opposition on his path to obtaining material wealth.

King was a registered republican, until the 1960 presidential election. When Senator Kennedy responded to Mrs. King's concerns about her incarcerated husband's safety, the extended King family would become Democrats. In particular, Dr. King worked with President Johnson to achieve the historic Civil Rights legislation successes.

Trump, on the other hand, has been a Democrat, an independent, a third-party member, and a republican – all depending upon what position he felt was most beneficial to him as an individual. With the election of Barack Obama, Trump would chose to identify with the racist right-wing of the republican party. In doing so, he was being as true to his nature as he ever had been as an adult. For Donald Trump is nothing, if not racist scum.

When Dr. King delivered his “A Time to Break Silence (Beyond Vietnam)” speech on April 4, 1967, at the Riverside Church in NYC, it marked a break from LBJ's White House. By the end of the year, King was outlining a plan for a “Poor Persons March,” to occupy Washington, DC. That was an unacceptable level of “creative tension” for politicians. Senator Robert Byrd would infamously call for the “preventive” detention of Dr. King on the floor of the US Senate, should the planned occupation appear to be moving forward.

As King continued to openly oppose US “policy” in Vietnam, as well as violence in the Middle East, many of those who previously viewed him as a “responsible” Civil Rights leader tuened on him viciously. This is well-documented in Taylor Branch's “At Canaan's Edge: America in the King Years 1965-68” (Simon & Schuster; 2006). Indeed, as Branch shows, King's progressive stance resulted in the formation of “neoconservatism” – liberal social policy, military might foreign policy – a mutant splinter of the Democratic Party.

King did not endorse any candidate for the 1968 presidential contest. One can only speculate if he might have endorsed anyone, had he lived. There was an effort to convince him to run on a third-party ticket with anti-war pediatrician Dr. Benjamin Spock, though there is no evidence he seriously considered that option. What is evident is that the final year of his life was extremely painful for King as a man. Yet he was willing to sacrifice for the greater good.

Trump had previously flirted with the idea of running for president, but took the first actual step in 1988, when he contacted Bush the Elder to say he was interested in running as vice president. (See: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush; John Meacham; Random House; 2015) In the years to come, Trump found that by appealing to the racist instincts of white people, he could form a political base for a future run for the presidency.

King believed that by appealing to the public's basic decency and sense of justice, America could reach its potential. Trump believed that by appealing to Russian mobsters, he could bring America back to a point where minorities had no power, and that he could gain financially at the same time. This reminds me of Malcolm X's teaching that society has a choice between a sparkling clean glass of water, and a filthy glass of sludge.

Perhaps the most significant achievement of Dr. King's life is that he inspired everyday people to join him in the effort to, in his words, “save America's soul.” The strength of his example still holds power today. We saw that in the Occupy Movement, and in numerous other selfless social and political movements. We saw it last year in the Women's March on Washington. We need to see a lot more of it now.

While Trump is extremely dangerous, as a malignant narcissist in the White House, it is evident that he also has encouraged his alt-right/ KKK base to take more threatening actions. We saw that in their recent march, in which it is accurate to say there were not “good people on both sides.” We see it in the gross responses to virtually every hateful utterance that comes out of the shit-hole that is Donald Trump's mouth.

We face a clear choice as a nation. Dr. King and Diaper Don represent the two choices, but it goes well beyond those two individuals. Our future – immediate and long-term – depend upon which glass that each of us decides to drink from.

H2O Man
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