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Gender: Male
Hometown: Pretty much everywhere
Home country: USA
Current location: Portland, Oregon
Member since: Wed Dec 10, 2003, 07:12 PM
Number of posts: 9,740

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For everyone out there driven to distraction by DINOs, Blue Dog Democrats, and . . .

'Licans in Dems' clothing.

I'd remind you of two things: Party discipline and Caucusing together.

There are a lot of people running under the Dem banner who don't share my vision of America. This causes me to grit my teeth and sometimes shake my fist at the sky. But then I remind myself that once people get into office, there are governance mechanisms within the party that act (admittedly imperfectly) to align people toward shared goals.

Sometimes these faux-Dems are terrified by what they consider to be an electorate that's much more conservative than it actually is. Sometimes they're natural Republicans who have no home in the modern, radicalized GOP. Sometimes they're flatly cynical and trying to do whatever it takes to get or keep a job. Politics is so far from perfection that a stone would weep.

So, I'm not saying don't try to find real Democrats to run; I'm not saying stop trying to push rightish Dems to the left; I'm not saying that if someone is egregiously antithetical to Democratic values (I have a little list) they shouldn't be primaried out.

What I am saying is that in 9 out of 10 cases, the worst Democrat is better than the best Republican.

Oh, and Get Out the Vote.
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