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Gender: Male
Hometown: Pretty much everywhere
Home country: USA
Current location: Portland, Oregon
Member since: Wed Dec 10, 2003, 06:12 PM
Number of posts: 9,753

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Yes but . . .

The 'Licans have been rolling out nasty for a couple of years already. In doing so, they are already finding themselves on very mucky, smelly ground. I mean, once you've called the president an illegal alien who's devoted to the overthrow of the very government he heads, how much further can you go?

Which is not to say that the wingnutariat won't try to go even more negative. However, the country's sick of them already. Upping the crazy is likely to cost them votes more than it wins them. And it's likely to also cost them downticket votes, in that the whole Republican party is being tarred with the zealot brush (which is sadly, not untrue). Just about any Dem can run on a platform of "My opponent is a crackpot, and should never be given influence over issues that matter to sane people."

It will come down to three things, I predict: 1) The Obama campaign's ability to get the issues (including those raised by the OP) out to the people; 2) the robustness of the GOTV effort (where Dems appear to be leading at present); and the degree to which votes can be fairly cast and counted.

This last is the 'Licans' ace in the hole. If they can't win on merits, they'll win on stealing the vote and we all know it. We need to not do what Gore did, which was to make the contest close enough to steal.

And concentrate on local/state races!!! Obama needs a Congress he can work with. If Tea Party Congressmen get shown the door, the survivors will be more tractable. And citizens in the 50 states need legislatures *not* devoted to shoving a broken bottle up the workingman's ass.
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