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Member since: Sat Dec 6, 2003, 05:15 AM
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Thanks. It's a game to distract Americans from the real issues of imports and their impact

on jobs and as a result impact on wages and ultimately on tax revenues.

It's a daisy chain of bad policies that lead to financial ruin.

We don't know what the whole deal will be.

The negotiations to lift the debt ceiling will be used to wedge as much as possible out of programs that haven't been raided yet. Just wait and see.

The Obama administration and the Republicans have now separated the issue of middle class tax cuts from cuts to Social Security and other programs.

The current generation has been excused from paying the higher tax rates that we who are now retired paid all of our lives. Now that those tax cuts for the middle class have been preserved, when those of us who are now retired or disabled are asked to make a "shared sacrifice," we will be told that our reminders that we paid these higher tax rates are irrelevant since the tax issues were negotiated way back January.

Dividing the cuts from the tax issues is just a nasty strategy to make it easier to harm the truly poor. Just another blow to the very elderly about 10-15 years from now who will be living in pigsties instead of decent nursing homes because of the cuts to Social Security.

Social Security and the other programs of its type that help those who cannot work are still very much in jeopardy.

It is too early to rejoice.

Many DUers do not think strategically. But rest assured the advisers to the politicians do.

This is a political strategy to divide Democrats. It is very clever, and I expect it will work.
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