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Member since: Mon Dec 1, 2003, 02:42 PM
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My conservative co-worker is PISSED about his taxes!!! I mean pissed!

He says he usually gets around $500 back and is having to pay close to four thousand this year! He didn't vote for Trump as he thought he was an arrogant asshole but he wrote in Pence's name so he is pretty right wing. He texted screaming "I guess I am not rich enough!"

Here was another text:

"Well don't be surprised if you guys are writing out checks this year cuz I am.. looks like we were sold a bill of goods."

Here was his final text:

"Right now I'm pretty pissed as you guys can tell. But I will take it in and probably have _______ look at it and see if I am right or see if I missed something."

H&R Block agents took 'empathy training' to handle people upset by smaller tax refunds

H&R Block agents took ‘empathy training’ to handle people upset by smaller tax refunds or surprise tax bills

Published: Feb 16, 2019 9:31 a.m. ET

Accountants are investing in customer service as the average tax refund has dropped 8% and 4.6 million people are expected to owe money this year

Some tax return preparers are doubling as therapists this tax season, comforting clients who are dismayed to find that they will get smaller tax refunds — or worse, will get hit with unexpected tax bills.

H&R Block HRB, -0.41% puts its returning tax pros through 30 hours of training ahead of each filing season to make sure they are up-to-speed — and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by Congress in late 2017 already gave them plenty of homework to do by cutting many deductions and changing the withholding tables.

More: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/hr-block-agents-took-empathy-training-to-handle-people-upset-by-smaller-tax-refunds-or-surprise-tax-bills-2019-02-15

The day the new Democratic President is sworn in

The violent storm will be over. A perfect day

Idiot gun nut makes all kinds of crap up about bear spray not being effective

I don't know what it is about this guy but he irritates the crap out of me because like most gun nuts he just uses his own feelings instead of the actual stats which I give below the video. He talks about all kinds of people getting killed who used bear spray. Totally made up shit! In my searching on the subject I found ZERO instances where someone was killed by a bear after they used bear spray:


Snip: The research confirms that it’s highly effective. A 20-year study, published in the Journal of Wildlife Management, of bear-spray incidents in Alaska found that these sprays stopped a bear’s “undesirable behavior” more than 90% of the time. The few times someone using spray sustained an injury, that injury was minor. Even when wind interfered with the spray’s accuracy, it still reached the bear and helped scare it off, the study shows.


Link to the 20 year study on bear spray: https://wildlife.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.2193/2006-452

538: Tracking Congress In The Age Of Trump

For anyone interested:

At first glance these Senators vote the least with Trump:

Gillibrand - 12.2
Warren - 13.3
Merkley - 13.3
Sanders - 14.6
Booker - 15.6
Markey - 15.7
Harris - 17.8
Wyden - 18.9
Blumenthal -21.3


Rosemary, The Hidden Kennedy Daughter

The Tragic Life of JFK's Sister

Based on her writing skills you can now see in her diary, she appeared to have a pretty normal, bright personality and probably just learned differently. She was probably dyslexic. Dyslexics who are a very small minority make up a huge number of entrepreneurs and are often genius. What is so tragic about this is that her parents were so ashamed of her and yet she might have been the brightest of all the kids and her intelligence would have eventually naturally blossomed like it does with most very smart dyslexics. Being dyslexic and behind in school in such a high achieving family that was repressing every natural and wonderful thing about who she really was, would have given her a very powerful self esteem problem and the repressive impulses of her parents would have been suffocating for such a free spirit. Often many other psychological manifestations pop up with this kind of abuse. They had this beautiful thoroughbred that wanted to run free and they were keeping her chained up in disgrace. I have to say the more I learn about this tragedy the more I feel like I am becoming Rosemary's biggest fan. And even if she wasn't an undiscovered dyslexic "genius" who was never allowed to blossom, she should have been allowed to be EXACTLY who she was and she should have been celebrated not hidden away. She clearly was trying so hard to break out of the chains but the naive pride and social snobbery on an epic level, mixed with a lethal dose of pure selfishness infecting her parents, snuffed out this ray of pure sunshine in the most tragic way.

5 Kings Who Fought and Fell on the Front Lines

'Bad news for the president': Fox News analyst explains why Trump could go down in Bezos blackmail

‘Bad news for the president’: Fox News analyst explains why Trump could go down in Jeff Bezos blackmail case

Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano on Monday warned that an alleged extortion plot against Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos “could be bad news” for President Donald Trump.

Napolitano made the remarks about Trump’s connection to AMI, The National Enquirer‘s parent company, during an interview on Fox Business.

“Here’s the essence of what Jeff Bezos claims,” he explained. “He was admonished by AMI’s people: ‘If you continue your investigation — wherever it goes — we will publish more photos of you.'”

“Now that is an act of blackmail,” Napolitano insisted. “Because it is an effort to prevent him from doing what he has a right to do by the threat of exposing something.”

More with video: https://www.rawstory.com/2019/02/bad-news-president-fox-news-analyst-explains-trump-go-jeff-bezos-blackmail-case/?utm_source=push_notifications

New evidence suggests the New York Times was tricked into retracting a major Mueller probe bombshell


written by Cody Fenwick February 11, 2019
Last week, the court published an in-depth and partially redacted transcript of a hearing between Special Counsel Robert Mueller and lawyers for Paul Manafort, President Donald Trump’s former campaign chair.

This trove of information provided a fresh glimpse inside the workings of Mueller’s team, revealing new details about the case that look increasingly bad for the president. And as reporter Marcy Wheeler noted, it also appears to significantly contradict previous reporting from the New York Times about a major development in the Russia investigation.

That development came when Manafort’s lawyers accidentally filed an improperly redacted document addressing allegations that their client lied to the special counsel about material facts in the investigation. Most strikingly, investigators believe Manafort lied about a meeting with Russian-born political consultant Konstantin Kilimnik, who the government believes has ties to Russian intelligence, where the campaign chair handed over polling data on the 2016 campaign.

When the New York Times first reported on this fact, it contained a stunning revelation: Manafort had given the polling data to Kilimnik to pass it along to Oleg Deripaska, a Russian oligarch close to the Kremlin. This was significant for many reasons. First, of course, it ties the campaign directly to Moscow, which had been working on efforts to help secure Trump’s victory. Second, previous reports of emails from Manafort during the campaign showed that he had offered private briefings to Deripaska to use his position close to Trump to fulfill his debts to the oligarch. And third, it makes the Trump administration’s recent decision to lift sanctions on Deripaska specifically in a particularly generous fashion look even more suspicious.

More: https://www.alternet.org/2019/02/new-evidence-suggests-the-new-york-times-was-tricked-into-retracting-a-major-russia-probe-bombshell/
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