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Hometown: New Mexico
Member since: Mon Dec 1, 2003, 03:42 PM
Number of posts: 19,488

Journal Archives

How dead is the Great Barrier Reef?

1943 Chicken (Donald Trump Fox Version)

What We Know about Pot in 2017

Shields and Brooks on the barrage of Trump revelations

Fox News 5 steps for handling a Trump scandal

Adam Schiff Explains Why Mike Pence Is Going Down For Russia Scandal


Evidently, if the price is right, loyalty to Russia instead of the US seems to be easy to accomplish

for narcissistic, money grubbers. I can't imagine EVER feeling loyal to Russia and throwing my own country under the bus. This seems so foreign and horrifically wrong to me, but watching Trump and guys like Flynn sell their souls and patriotism out for the highest bidder so easily is pretty eye opening. I get the impression Trump favoring Russia over the US came quite natural to him because he clearly doesn't give a fuck about anything but himself. If N. Korea had stroked his ego and funded his failing casino's he would have been ready to serve them. There is nothing complicated about this, Trump is just one greedy, self-centered motherfucker.

If Trump landed on another planet with tiny people

Sweden Got More Socialist, Economy Now BOOMING

All these Trump scandals need a name

The Devils Advocates Radio program was just talking about this and they suggested Trump's name be front and center since he likes his name on things.

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