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I love the students 💕


It's no wonder #Republicans are bashing these students.
They are speaking truth to power and authoritarians can't stand [email protected] @Emma4Change #GunReformNow

9:43 AM - Feb 24, 2018


Let's face it...#Republicans want corporate/fascist/military rule and these brave students are getting in the way by speaking truth to power and the boycotts are working.
Fuck you NRA.#Courage #VoteCourage #StudentsStandUp

9:50 AM - Feb 24, 2018


Lauren Hogg
Replying to @lauren_hoggs
....tallest and most stern in the midst of the harshest winds, and I remembered who as Americans we are. #NeverAgain @davidhogg111 #BoycottNRA #MarchForOurLives #EnoughIsEnough

You are a wise person.
Thank goodness you are on the same planet I'm on.
I'm old enough to be your grandfather and your generation is inspiring me. Filling me with hope for the future.

9:33 AM - Feb 24, 2018

The way I see it Manafort has two choices


#Manafort has two choices as I see it in light of Gates flipping.

1. Cooperate with #Mueller and risk him and his family's safety to the Russian mob.

2. Don't cooperate with #Mueller and face prison the rest of his life.#MuellerTime

7:55 AM - Feb 24, 2018

Damn good video


I think this is an appropriate question


I am so saddened the mentally ill are pawns in this debate

Hopefully the truly mentality ill won't be in a state to comprehend what viscousness this scapegoating is.
People are cruel.

Ban the weapons.

3 clip magazines max

If you can't drop your game in 3 then you aren't a hunter.

Ban weapons of war and then regulate the shit out of very limited capacity handguns and hunting rifles.
No "grandfather clause". They must be turned in or face severe penalties.

This isn't rocket science folks.


My starting point is where I'd start in the discussion

Legitimate hunters should want these solutions to protect their sport. Otherwise the backlash coming could be a lot worse.

Ban weapons of war

Then regulate the shit out of handguns and hunting rifles.

This is not rocket science folks.

Billy Graham regarding Vietnam

In a 13-page letter, that Rev. Graham had forwarded to the White House in April, 1969, it was stated: “There are tens of thousands of North Vietnamese defectors to bomb and invade the North. Why should all the fighting be in the South?…Especially let them bomb the dikes which could over night destroy the economy of North Vietnam.” Mr. Bothwell underscored that such a military action against the dikes, a huge complex of earthworks, would probably “kill a million people and wipe out an already poor nation’s agricultural system” He added that the advice in Graham’s transmittal “fell on receptive ears. Not longer after, Nixon moved the air war north and west.”


"With all due respect, f*ck you, Donald"


Mat Molina
He did. Obama put sanctions on Russia and you reserved them.

He took away their compound in Maryland and you gave it back.

He put sanctions on Russia and you refuse to implement the new sanctions that were unanimously passed by Congress.

With all due respect, f*ck you, Donald. https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/965676314576543744

5:19 PM - Feb 19, 2018
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