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King Chaos

tRump reminds of a wannabe king.

His cabinet must perform for him because he gets bored easily.
And by perform I mean he loves pitting them against each other to see who "wins". This seems to be "entertainment" for him. Rancid vs The Mooch....winner: Mooch. Next up Kelly vs Mooch.

Like the kings of old and their court jesters or Romans with their gladiator battles.
He's turned the Whitehouse into an Apprentice Show or Survivor Show. The media gets fixated on who's out or who's in complete with post-game interviews not unlike those TV shows.

Policy details? Governing? Nope...he's having too much "fun".

He's a sick sick sadistic person.

Good summary I found on FB....

"President Trump is trying to run the greatest country with his phone. Its lazy cowardly and weak. Also he's a pathological liar, dictator wannabe. His idol is dictator Putin."

What the "skinny repeal" will do

It will raise premiums thus increasing subsidy support for those getting help in the individual market to cover the difference. This is a substantial increase in government spending.
Many who are above the income threshold and therefore not eligible for help in the individual market will be priced out and lose coverage.

Employer-based insurance costs will soar and with the removal of the employer mandate they will simply drop coverage.
Employers who don't drop covererage will see increased costs and remember many of these employers are local, state, and federal public employers meaning a big increase in government spending.

This skinny bullshit is a costly idea that will increase government spending and saddest of all cost lives to be lost. Nothing "conservative" about it.

"Let Obamacare fail"

If 2018 goes wrong

My spouse and I may have to sell everything and leave this fascist country.

Only problem is where?
Canada is restricted. Many countries don't want us.

One of the Repug lies that drives me crazy

That they were "shut out" of the process while Obamacare was being crafted because it was "rammed through".

McCain reinforced that lie yesterday on the Senate floor and I just about threw something at the TV.

McCain Venn Diagram

I know we all like to think something will be done

Regarding all these players in the Russian attack.

But who has faced charges for lying us into war or crashing the economy in '08?

There's Spotted Poland China, Yorkshire, Duroc,...

...and Hampshire.

He's definitely a Yorkshire.
With my sincere apologies to the entire swine kingdom.

Don the Con doesn't even care what's in the death bill

He just wants to sign something.
Like a grade school idiot.

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