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Current location: Encinitas, CA
Member since: Sat Nov 22, 2003, 12:17 AM
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Anyone catch 60 Minutes cannabis hit piece tonight?

What a propaganda pantload and you can be assured was paid for by big pharma.
The same jackals who are trying to defeat Proposition 61 here in California.

When you stand up against corporate interests you get this:

Dakota Access Pipeline: Protesters Ousted From Camp as Police Use Pepper Spray


Not so much for this 41 day armed occupation of Federal property.
In fact you are treated very differently throughout the process.

Bundys Found Not Guilty In Refuge Occupation Trial


This country is moving leftward

Hillary as Prez with Bernie up high in a position within the new Democratically controlled Senate.

SCOTUS and any number of issues.

We've got to get the House folks...wouldn't that be something?


Now this is a hemp field!

In Kentucky from Dr. Bronners Facebook page



My thoughts on Single-Payer

I think a quality public healthcare system is a very noble idea and would move the USA on par with the rest of the modern world however...unlike the rest of the modern world our system is tied to the stock market, retirement account portfolios, huge corporate profits, advertising, etc. it is so far ingrained in our economic system that affects us personally, on many levels we don't know or have thought about, that I haven't heard exactly how we are going to untangle this mess?

The "for-profit" health system we have has tentacles and consequences I'm not sure are being thought through in detail. Yeah, it's a shame we moved away from a system that was non-profit back in the day but we are where we are and it's complicated.

No one should call themselves "Left" or "Liberal"...

...if they think tRump is somehow an equal or better choice for President than Hillary.
That simply does not add up. No way does that make sense.

Just had to get that off my chest.

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