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SHRED's Journal
SHRED's Journal
June 30, 2012

Attachment to "non-attachment"

So my wife and I attend a beautiful service here in Encinitas CA at the SRF.

The monk clearly spelled out the pitfalls of being attached to this "dream" we are in.
He pointed out movies as a particular danger for getting "caught up" emotionally and not remaining aloof and detached.

Hey I can dig that!

Now here's the fun part (my smart-ass side)...when the service was over I noticed that a brochure featured an "inspirational movie night" in two nights featuring the life of Yogananda.
I was so tempted to go over to the monk, point to the brochure, and ask him, "Remain detached from every movie including this one?"

Where there are followings you will find "attachment"...just sayin'

June 29, 2012

Scheer: Supreme Court Leaves Romney in the Cold

Posted on Jun 28, 2012

By Robert Scheer

Mitt Romney is an idiot or, even worse, is pretending to be one. His tantrum of a response on Thursday to the Supreme Court’s health care decision was pure playground: As president I will own the ball, and the game will be played by rules that leave me a winner.

That game has already been called in a decision written by the top-ranking conservative jurist, and shorn of the constitutional objection; Barack Obama’s health care plan now will be judged by its practical outcomes. Romney’s promise that “I will act to repeal Obamacare” from “my first day as president of the United States” is a prescription of destructive gridlock for a program already well under way.

By immediately committing to reverse a health care reform based on the very program he implemented as governor of Massachusetts, Romney has gone to war with himself. Obviously, neither he nor his advisers has yet grasped that the decision written by Chief Justice John Roberts has changed the terms of the debate.


Romney’s devil is now in the details. What exactly in this massive overhaul, much of it widely popular although costly, would he shed? The court already has limited federal pressure on the states to increase assistance to the poor. Bereft of that handy demagogues’ argument, Romney and his fellow critics are left with eviscerating programs that assist the struggling middle class through obviously fairer access to heath care than has been provided previously by the insurance industry.

If Romney now dares to oppose the popular items in the bill, such as requirements for the insurance companies to cover young adult children or people with pre-existing medical conditions, he is finished as a candidate before he begins. And if it is the universal coverage mandate that he would eliminate, he is left with the government stepping in to fund the good stuff, and that is what the Republican right derides as socialized medicine.

This is the petard that now hoists Romney.

June 13, 2012

Very good article regarding D.C. protest June 11th

Hemp Harvest Protest in Front of White House Begins

WASHINGTON, June 11, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- CEO Bets President Can't Prove His Hemp Plants are Marijuana

American Farmers Continue to be Shut Out of Booming Global Industry


Bronner adds, "I expected more from President Obama. The President can simply direct the Department of Justice to respect industrial hemp grown pursuant to existing state hemp programs, such as North Dakota's. Everyone is sick and tired of America's bankrupt policy on hemp that forces our company to send well over a hundred thousand dollars every year to Canadian farmers. I had hoped that President Obama would not succumb to drug warriors' hysteria regarding hemp. I really don't know what else to do to get our 'Chief Law Enforcement Officer' to take a rational science-based approach to hemp policy in this country."

Mr. Bronner's protest is a direct action in response to a recent White House statement falsely conflating non-drug industrial hemp with marijuana. This intentional conflation by White House officials is used to justify a policy that prevents American farmers from growing industrial hemp, even under existing state licensing programs. Information on the new regressive White House hemp policy...

June 7, 2012

Scapegoating the Public Sector

The politics of division.
Pitting the working class against themselves.

Oh how I despise the 0.01% ruling class.

At a time when so many are worried about obtaining or holding on to work, it’s difficult to rally around the guaranteed job security and high pensions of some privileged government employees. Not all public workers fit into this category, to be sure. But nonpublic workers who must struggle with the vagaries of private employment have seen more than enough examples of government employee unions, the last stronghold of organized labor, exercising their power to ensure what appears to be outsized compensation for their members.

Of course this argument is a red herring. The budget crises of state and municipal governments were not brought on by excessive pay to firemen, cops and other civil servants, but rather by a banking meltdown that has enriched those who engineered it. Housing values, and the local taxes dependent on them, are down because of financial shenanigans that wrapped mortgages into collateralized debt obligations, and that is the root cause of government red ink. But the job security and pensions of government employees make terribly convenient scapegoats at a time when so many Americans are lining up at food banks.

The electorate in Wisconsin, and San Diego and San Jose, Calif., that voted Tuesday against public employee unions were not expressing a rational response to the crisis, but rather a tantrum stoked by the lavishly financed demagogues of the right. The voters bought their story because the opportunism of the Democratic Party leadership has left progressives without a believable alternative to the tea party’s narrative. Indeed, job creation became a bigger issue than collective bargaining in the Wisconsin race, and the dismal national unemployment figures that came out just days before the election didn’t hurt the Republicans’ cause.



June 5, 2012

Hemp History Week 2012

Hemp History Week 2012 promoting Hemp For Health and Sustainability will be held June 4-10, 2012. More information at: http://www.HempHistoryWeek.com


June 4, 2012

US drone strike 'kills 15' in Pakistan

There have been eight US drone strikes in the past two weeks despite Pakistani demands for them to be stopped.

In the latest incident, the first missile struck the compound in Hesokhel before dawn, killing three militants, security officials said.

A second missile then killed 12 more militants who had arrived at the scene, they added.

The bodies of the suspected militants have not yet been identified, but there were unconfirmed reports that foreigners were among the dead.

It is the eighth and deadliest attack since 23 March, marking a considerable upsurge in the use of the controversial US drone programme, reports the BBC's Aleem Maqbool in Islamabad.



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