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Inside Bain's Chinese Sensata Factories

Where Workers Put in 12-Hour Days for $.99-$1.35 an Hour
Bain didn't build that new factory -- the Chinese Government Did
October 20, 2012 |

Mitt romney has made Obama's out-of-context “you didn't build that” quote a central theme of his campaign. It's ironic, as Mitt Romney is going to profit just before the election when Bain-owned Sensata Technologies moves 170 high-tech jobs from Freeport, Illinois, to a plant in China built for the firm by the Chinese government.

Sensata enjoyed record revenues last year – this isn't about making the “hard choices” necessary to save a failing enterprise. The workers in Freeport have been working 24 hours a day, in three shifts. They make $14-17 per hour, with benefits.

According to a report by the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, one of Bain's first actions after buying Sensata was to set up “12 Sensata/Bain capital funds 'organized under the laws of the Cayman Islands' so as to avoid paying taxes.” They'll get a small tax break for relocating the plant – the one Mitt Romney insisted did not exist during the first debate – and then use those offshore funds to defer taxes on some of the income the company generates.



When calling out the RW 'chickenhawk' Romney's of this country...

...the inevitable comeback from their RW sympathizers (and you can set a watch by it) is, "when did Obama serve?" or "when did Clinton serve?" or words to that effect.

They completely miss the main point which is the hypocrisy of advocating war-hawkish positions yet not spending one minute in military service themselves (or going AWOL like W).

They are either this stupid or purposefully trying to change the issue.
Either way the RW in this country are bottom-feeders of the worst kind.

there was an ass kicked tonight

and it wasn't the President's.
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