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tRump speaks their language

And that language can be summed up in one word: hatred.

That is why they follow him.
That is why they adore him.

It's pretty simple.


Where's the Republican outrage?

$11 million taxpayer dollars on three golfing vacations so far and he's only 4 weeks in office. That's already more than Obama's first year.
Where's the Republican outrage?

For the luxury of his son Barron attending the school he wants him to attend we taxpayers are on the hook for the tune of $500,000 per day to protect the Trump Tower in New York. (Trump didn't consider this before running for office?)
Where is the Republican outrage?

He's using an unsecured Android phone and conducting security briefings in front of unsecured guests at Mar-a-Lago and allowing them to take pictures of the nuclear football.
Where's the Republican outrage?

His staff is using a private email server.
Where's the Republican outrage?

High-level advisers close to then-presidential nominee Donald Trump were in constant communication during the campaign with Russians known to US intelligence.
Where's the Republican outrage?

I tell you what, if this were a Democratic Party President doing this there would be multiple investigations and impeachment hearings going on right now.

They are slowly killing Obamacare (ACA)

The GOP strategy for eliminating the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA, Obamacare) appears to be revealing itself.

A "death by a thousand cuts".

This way they can kill it it piece by piece thus hoping no one notices their fingerprints on the body. Republicans are working on funding sources in order to shut them down and starve the ACA regulations. When the ACA can't afford to go on any longer they'll blame it on the ACA itself as the reason rather than steps they've taken. Rather than take responsibility.

This is the cowards' way. This is how cowards that don't want to face their angry constituents back home act. Rather than a headline grabbing full repeal they are trying to do the same via backchannel methods.

Major Blow to Obamacare Mandate: IRS Won't Reject Tax Returns That Don't Answer Health Insurance Question

The tax agency has stopped requiring individual filers to indicate whether they maintained health coverage or paid the mandate penalty as required under the law

Peter Suderman
Feb. 14, 2017 9:44 pm


'Vicious' Deportation

Racist jackbooted thugs are being turned loose.
Terror and mistrust in our cities and communities is the goal.

We must rise against this because no one is safe now.
They will be coming for you next. For your political beliefs, for your religious beliefs or lack thereof, for you name it but rest assured they are coming unless we stop them.

Art Acevedo, chief of police for the city of Houston, shared Stephens’s concerns, telling The Intercept that implicit in Trump’s messaging were two false notions. The first is that undocumented immigrants are responsible for a disproportionate amount of violent crime — experts have repeatedly demonstrated that they are not, and Acevedo said his decades of law enforcement experience supported those conclusions. And second is the suggestion that local and state law enforcement aren’t already focused on arresting individuals who violate criminal laws.

“We are charged with keeping people safe from predators and from thieves and from violent members of society,” Acevedo explained. “We’re not charged with going out and wasting and spending our very limited resources booking a day laborer or somebody that, but for their immigration status, have done nothing that would harm our society.”

Rather than engaging in “political theater” designed to please its base, Acevedo suggested the administration instead listen to the concerns of local and state law enforcement executives on the ground, who have long rejected seeing their officers used as de facto deportation forces.

“Sadly, if these type of ill-advised, poorly thought out public polices were to go through — where they try to take away my ability to control the workforce, to control the priorities of my workforce — there are going to be unintended consequences and those unintended consequences are going to result in additional crime,” Acevedo said.


Anyone remember that closed door meeting between Comey and Dem Congress leaders??

When they came out really pissed afterwards?

What was that meeting about and why aren't we hearing about it??

Why is he calling them "illegal immigrants"??

Plus, you mean to tell me he talked to the Prime Minister of Australia today and was unaware of this deal?
He's just now going to look into it but somehow knows it's a "dumb deal"??


Fact Checking Trump's Claim "Obama did it too"

We're hearing a lot of chatter from those defending this middle eastern immigration and travel ban.

They are all repeating the same thing as if on cue, "Obama did it" or "You all are just mad because Trump did it".

These sound like potentially valid responses.
Valid that is if the facts of this matter are completely and thoroughly ignored.

"Trump’s comparison of his immigration actions to Obama’s policy in 2011 is a faulty one. The fact is that the Obama administration was responding to a known and specific threat from one country and limited its response to refugees from that country, while Trump’s order temporarily bans refugees from all countries — indefinitely in the case of those from Syria — and temporarily bars all other visitors from seven predominately Muslim countries."


Like a fart in the wind

That about sums up the RW and Jill Stein "Obama did it too...both parties are the same...Hillary = Trump" folks.

They have little meaning now other than to reach back and try to justify some demented guilt they are experiencing now that our country is being dismantled by a raving lunatic.

How much longer will they drag up Obama and Hillary in their pathetic attempts to assuage their guilt?

Answer: who the fuck cares?


Robert Reich on the Muslim ban

Everything tRump touches turns to crap.
He is making the world less safe, more hostile, and it's only been one week.

Reich makes very good points here:

Today Trump closed America’s borders to refugees, ordering that families fleeing the slaughter in Syria be indefinitely blocked from entering the United States.

And he temporarily suspended immigration from several predominantly Muslim countries -- Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.

These are not countries from which terrorists have attacked the U.S. (the 9/11 attackers were from Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates).

But Trump's order excludes several predominantly Muslim nations in which Trump now has or has had business interests. (See http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/inside-trumps-global-business-interests/story?id=44416694) In the United Arab Emirates, Trump has licensing deals in place for two golf-courses in Dubai (after Trump’s election, his partners in the deal told ABC News that the Trump brand had become "stronger, more global". In Turkey, Trump struck a deal in 2008 with the Dogan Group to license his brand to Trump Towers Istanbul, one with residential and the other with commercial office space. Trump also has had extensive deals in Saudi Arabia.

Trump also ordered that Christians and others from minority religions be granted priority over Muslims.

Trump signed the executive order shortly after issuing a statement noting that today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, citing the “depravity and horror inflicted on innocent people by Nazi terror.”

The irony is tragic.

Let’s not mince words. Trump is engaged in religious persecution. Nazi Germany did far worse, of course. But Trump is setting America on a dangerous and disgraceful course.

He is violating two fundamental moral precepts of this nation: that we provide refuge to those fleeing repression and slaughter, and we do not discriminate based on religion. And he’s playing directly into the hands of extremists who want the Muslim world to believe the United States is deeply anti-Muslim.

What do you think?


The danger of attacking sanctuary cites

When you turn cops into immigration officers (a Federal responsibility) as the President is trying to pressure them into, there will be more crime, more distrust, and more human tragedy. When anyone is afraid to report a crime the criminals will know this and take advantage. The criminals win.
This is why his plan to pressure sanctuary cities is so destructive.
Trump's plan, if enacted, will make us all less safe.
Fortunately the men and women of law enforcement in California who serve our communities understand this and do not want the trust they are working so hard to build with our communities destroyed. They do not want increased crime rates. They want us to trust them so that crimes get reported and I support them in this effort.
The President is misguided...once again.

California police see dangers in Trump's illegal immigration crackdown

President Trump’s plan to enlist local police and sheriff’s departments in immigration enforcement has set the stage for a pitched battle with California officials who have long prioritized building ties with immigrant communities.

Trump’s plan, which was issued Wednesday as part of a pair of executive orders, seeks to broaden the reach of federal immigration authorities into county jails.

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