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Hometown: Poway, CA
Current location: Leucadia, CA
Member since: Sat Nov 22, 2003, 01:17 AM
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Journal Archives

Medical Prescription

The investigation you don't hear about much

I want to see what the Treasury investigation reveals.
My hunch is that this filthy family is neck deep in dirty Russian money.

"I was fired because of the Russia investigations"

Huge Comey quote today.

California's clean energy jobs equal 10 times the nation's coal mining jobs

Yet Dump wants coal.
Go figure.

Clean energy employs "more than half a million Californians. Thatís nearly ten times more the number of coal mining jobs that exist in the entire nation."


Single Payer is on its way in California

California Senate Bill SB-562 continues to make headway.
Here are some of its highlights for Californians and at reduced costs to both us citizens and businesses.

Key features of SB 562 include:

Every Californian eligible to enroll, regardless of age, income, employment or other status.

No out of pocket costs, such as high deductibles and co-pays, for covered health services.

Comprehensive coverage, including hospital and outpatient medical care, primary and preventive care, vision, dental, hearing, womenís reproductive health services, mental health, lab tests, rehab and other basic medical needs.

Lower prescription drug costs.

Long term care services provided under Medi-Cal continue, and will be expanded with an emphasis on community and in-home care.

No narrow insurance networks, one medical card, real patient choice of provider.

No insurance claims denials based on corporate profit goals.



He is driving a wedge between us and Europe...

... to the delight of Putin.
This tRump is a dangerous hombre.

When we are done ridding our federal government of...

...Russian oligarch sympathizers...after we are through with imprisoning the traitors...I suggest we then focus on tearing down, a bit, this military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about.
We can use the savings for health care for all, green careers and good paying jobs in thoughtful public works projects, and no tuition for public colleges and universities for starters.

Just some thoughts.

Did Russian psyops invent "Liberal Media"?

In an attempt to demonize the free press in our country and now we have this threat to our 1st Amendment.


I think they've been working with RW Republicans for years. And through RW talk radio.

They are living in another world

My dear wife said she listened to a little bit of Hannity on the radio (he had Eric Trump's wife on) just to hear what they are saying.
Here is a synopsis:

*How wonderful the trip is going so far.
*Obama "apology tour" was far worse.
*Hillary and the uranium deal (proven false) as if it was real.
*How Obama bowed.
*How journalists and "the media" are out to destroy tRump.
*How journalists and "the media" are out to destroy America.


Is there any wonder why some of their believers will turn violent when the house of cards crashes?

Twitter never forgets

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