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Member since: Mon Nov 17, 2003, 05:29 PM
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Vegan porn.

MWGA - Make Women Great Again!

Coming this May, to a convention center of some kind in Orlando, Florida, the most repulsive and least self-aware men on the entire internet will come together to finally teach women a lesson.

A lesson in how to be the women of their dreams.

Yes! For the low, low price of $1,999 a ticket ($999 a ticket and a plus one if you act now!), you can learn all of the secrets to reeling in the kind of man who sits on YouTube all day whining about how women aren't all barefoot and pregnant anymore. Men like Stefan Molyneux, Mike Cernovich, and organizer Anthony Dream Johnson (who claims he is the 1st President of the Manosphere), along with a bunch of other creepy dudes you've never even heard of and definitely have no interest in speaking to for more than five minutes, never mind marrying.

The conference is called The 22 Convention (We do not know why!) and features the tagline "Make Women Great Again." According to the website, it is "destined to be the mansplaining event of the century."

Oh boy!

What I have learned, just from this website, is that allllllll of the women today are extremely unhappy because feminism told us that we had to be men and were not allowed to be feminine!

Hiding under a mask of fake progress, feminism today has become a radical assault on all forms of positive femininity - you know, the one hard coded into your DNA. Through an onslaught of anti-feminine propaganda spanning generations, women today have been pushed to act like men and DENY their own feminine nature. This has left millions of women feeling unhappy, confused, frustrated, and hopeless. At The 22 Convention, you will learn the truth that unhealthy militant feminists have been hiding from you your entire life. I want to be outraged, but I'm just giggling too hard right now. We're not unhappy (at least not for that particular reason), but they so desperately want us to be. In their sad little YouTube fantasy lives, we're all sitting around pining for them and going "Oh why oh why did we choose to work when we could have been barefoot and pregnant and married to a man who YouTubes all day about how much he hates women?"

And to be clear, that is pretty much the only kind of man you are going to get with tips like these. No normal man in this day and age is sitting around pining for a Barbara Billingsly LARPer. I mean, look at this lady here. She's driving herself up the damn wall to be the perfect 1950s housewife and her husband is so obviously weirded out by it that all he can muster is "Uh, have fun at your tea party?"

The conference plans to teach women all kinds of important things. For instance, did you know that instead of having careers and lives, we could just be baby factories?


Merry Christmas from Your Favorite President!



Merry Christmas Mr President.


Fredo Trump once again displaying his stupidity.


51 years ago today.

Remember it well.

Another Chinese National arrested for trespassing at Mar-a-Lago.

(CNN) A Chinese woman was arrested Wednesday and charged with trespassing on President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago property, according to Palm Beach Police, in the second time this year that a Chinese national been arrested for intruding on the premises. Jing Lu, 56, allegedly trespassed on the Palm Beach resort and was asked to leave by security, Palm Beach Police spokesman Michael Ogrodnick said in a statement.

Lu returned to Mar-a-Lago and began to take photos when Palm Beach Police Department responded and arrested her, according to Ogrodnick. Lu made an initial court appearance Thursday morning and plead not guilty to all charges.

During their investigation, authorities discovered Lu, a Chinese national, was in the US on an expired visa.

During questioning, Lu invoked her right to counsel, according to Ogrodnick.

Lu was booked into Palm Beach County Jail "for loitering and prowling and is being held on a detainer," Ogrodnick said.

Palm Beach County records show that Lu was booked Wednesday night around 8 p.m. ET. Records show she was also charged for resisting an officer without violence.

The President was not at property at the time of the incident. The United States Secret Service referred CNN to the Palm Beach Police Department for further comment on the arrest.

Lu is the second Chinese national to be arrested for trespassing at Mar-a-Lago this year. Another Chinese woman was arrested in March for trespassing onto the Florida property. There is no apparent connection between the two women.

Yujing Zhang, a 33-year-old businesswoman from Shanghai, was found guilty last month of unlawfully entering a restricted zone and making false statements to a federal officer.

At the time of her arrest, Zhang had in her possession four cellphones, a laptop, an external hard drive and a thumb drive, which a preliminary forensic exam showed contained malware, according to her criminal complaint. Prosecutors said they also discovered a trove of additional electronics -- including a signal detector to detect hidden cameras -- and thousands of dollars in cash in her hotel room.

While initial court documents said Zhang had carried a thumb drive that contained malware on it when she was arrested, an assistant US attorney said at a hearing in April that the result may have actually been the result of a "false positive."


We just did.


There it is! 216 YEA votes on Article 1!

Clint Eastwood Propositions Film Critic To Obtain More Positive Review Of 'Richard Jewell'

ATLANTA—His hands shaking a bit as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt, director Clint Eastwood reportedly propositioned Susan Parker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Monday, offering to sleep with the critic in exchange for a more favorable review of his latest film, Richard Jewell.

“Just sweeten it up a little, make it sound like a fun movie to watch, and you can take me right here,” the 89-year-old Oscar winner said to a panicked Parker before lifting up a pant leg and rolling down a dress sock to reveal his bare, varicose-veined calf to the reviewer.

“It doesn’t even need to be a glowing review—just scrap all that stuff about how it treats the FBI and the media the same way the Trump administration does. What do you say? You do a little something for me, I’ll do a little something for you.”

At press time, Parker was gently patting the back of Eastwood, who was doubled over in a prolonged coughing fit after a failed attempt to caress the critic’s crotch.

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