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I feel like Hillary has overcome her long time opponents today

Being up on the stage and delivering that speech with such gravitas and style.

Glad she is on my side.

Commentary: Bernie Sanders, enough with your 'political revolution'

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks during a rally in Santa Cruz, Calif., Tuesday, May 31, 2016. (Dan Coyro, The Santa Cruz Sentinel via AP)

By Stephen Stromberg
The Washington Post

June 1, 2016

This is the place where a policy-oriented Washington commentator like myself is supposed to offer Bernie Sanders supporters some sort of olive branch. For example, I could point out that he has highlighted some real issues. I am angry about money in politics, too. I believe that income inequality is a problem, too. I think the safety net needs strengthening, too. In other words, I am supposed to indicate that I get why Sanders has a movement.

But the truth is that Sanders does not deserve a movement, and his losing campaign does not deserve unusual deference and concessions. His tale about American oligarchy is simplistic, his policy proposals are shallow, his rejection of political reality is absurd, his self-righteousness and stubbornness are unbecoming. And, yes, he has lost. Here are some simple points worth repeating:

- Sanders' path to the Democratic presidential nomination is essentially nonexistent. His only hope rests on convincing Democratic "superdelegates," nearly all of whom back Hillary Clinton, to swing his way. They will not do that. It is incoherent for Sanders to ask them to do so, given that he has attacked superdelegates as non-democratic actors in the nominating process and that Clinton will almost certainly end the cycle with more votes and more pledged delegates. It is also staggeringly arrogant that Sanders would think that superdelegates, the Democratic "establishment" sorts that he has spent the whole campaign cartoonishly attacking as tools of Wall Street, would be open to his entreaties.

- It is politically reasonable for the superdelegates to stick with Clinton. The poll numbers Sanders cites to argue that he would be a stronger nominee do not reflect the impressions voters would have after the Republicans engaged in a sustained anti-Sanders assault — the sort of thing Clinton has endured for decades. Polling shows that Sanders does not, in fact, do unusually well among true independents and that many of these crucial swing voters have not formed an opinion of him.

Continued at the Chicago Tribune

Judicial Watch Goes Fishing With Cheryl Mills Deposition; Proves It's All A Witch Hunt


A Contentious Deposition

The entire questioning involved these side trips into disallowed discovery territory, with the lawyers having to stop the proceedings at several points, asking Ms. Mills to excuse herself, while they wrangled among themselves about what was allowed. At one point, Mills' lawyer Alexandra Walsh, snarkily asked the Judicial Watch folks if they needed a copy of Sullivan's discovery order.

MS. WILKINSON: I'm trying to get a basis for asking the questions. So I don't want to have to object.

MS. COTCA: This isn't with respect to processing of FOIA; this is respect to Secretary Clinton's use of her e-mail as the Secretary of State.

MS. WILKINSON: But that's not what the order says. It says the creation, operation of Clintonemail.com.

MR. ORFANEDES: This is not a debate. If you have a scope objection, say "scope," and we'll move on. If your witness --

MS. WILKINSON: You know, in most depositions people try to work together. Because I do want you to be able to get the questions asked and answers that you're entitled to. So I'm not trying to just make an objection for the sake of it. I'm actually trying to see if there's a basis, then I would be happy to have my client answer the question. In any deposition I've done, normally people are more than willing to do that, because the idea is to get you the information you're entitled to and that you need.

MS. WALSH: Do you guys need a copy of the order? I've got an extra one.

MS. WILKINSON: So is -- is it your position -- and I'll let her answer, maybe I won't instruct her not to answer. Is it your position that those questions go to the first topic, the creation and operation of Clintonemail.com?

MS. COTCA: We don't -- we don't need to -- I don't need to explain with respect to the strategy of how the questions are asked or with respect to where they fit in within the scope. We believe they are within the scope of Judge Sullivan's order. If you have an objection as to scope and if you want to instruct the witness not to answer, please do so. And refrain to just doing that when the witness is here.

MS. WILKINSON: I just want to make a record. We're trying to work it out. I wasn't asking you for your strategy. I was asking you whether you thought -- what topic it was under. And you're telling me you won't answer.

MS. COTCA: I already told you that it was within the first topic. It wasn't within the processing of FOIAs. And that's pretty obvious, that this scope is within that.

MS. BERMAN: Would this be a good time to take a break since we've been going for a while?

MS. COTCA: Sure.


If this is starting to be confusing, welcome to the world of trying to follow Judicial Watch's many, many FOIA lawsuits.

Crooks And Liars Much more at the link

Does anyone else think its weird that there's zero interest in the New Jersey Democratic primary...

Nate Cohn Verified account

Does anyone else think its weird that there's zero interest in the New Jersey Democratic primary, the 9th largest contest in the country?


Some humorous banter at the above link.

Hillary Clinton Just Delivered A Devastating Election Changing One-two Punch To Trump

The gloves are off, and Hillary Clinton delivered a one-two punch to Donald Trump in New Jersey that called out the Republican nominee as a scammer and a fraud who is unqualified and unfit to hold office.

Go to 34 minutes in to see this part of her speech.

More at PoliticsUSA

Y'all need to catch Hardball - Weaver v. Frank


Frank started it off by pointing out that there has been hot rhetoric on both sides and Sanders letter to the DNC ignored the obviousness of that, and was invalid.

Then he talked about how Sanders back in '91 was equidistant from both the pukes and the Dems and its good he finally came around.

He talked about the campaigning he did for Bernie and that some banks may have contributed to his cause.

At one point Weaver interrupted him and Frank was like "I haven't interrupted you, why the chip?"

Then they discussed what will happening at the convention. Matthews is like "So he wants to make a speech on Monday or Tuesday and he is still campaigning?"

Then Weaver said something about Trumps tax returns, and Matthews went after Bernie. Don't miss it!

Updated with link to video: http://www.msnbc.com/hardball/watch/sanders-ratchets-up-attacks-on-democrats-697117763528

Hillary Clinton opinion for Mercury News: A plan to preserve America's 'best idea'

By Hillary Clinton, Special to The Mercury News
Posted: 06/01/2016 07:44:45 AM PDT | Updated: about 11 hours ago

More than a century ago, John Muir immersed himself in the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada mountains. In the journals he kept on his travels, Muir observed that "Most people are on the world, not in it." He worried humanity had lost touch with our place in nature, and he hoped to inspire us to find it.

In the years that followed, his message began to break through. Leaders of American industry and society came to agree that public lands and waterways had to be held in sacred trust. Muir even went camping with President Teddy Roosevelt in the Yosemite Valley, who then set off a golden age of conservation.

This year we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of our National Parks. Unfortunately, America's natural wonders are facing a range of threats today, from climate-fueled drought to fiercer wildfire seasons to declining wildlife populations. Meanwhile, special interest groups are waging a constant campaign to privatize our nation's public lands.

I've been fighting against these threats for my entire career. As First Lady, I launched a campaign to "Save America's Treasures," which preserved historic structures across the nation. On the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, I sponsored bills to reduce our nation's air pollution and carbon emissions. And at the State Department, I worked to bring countries together to protect the Arctic and our global ocean.

Mercury News continued...

Clinton Camp Slams Trump University as 'Fraudulent Scheme' | NYT


WASHINGTON — Newly released documents about a now-defunct business owned by Donald Trump reveal strategies for enticing people to enroll in real estate seminars even if they couldn't afford it, opening the presumptive Republican nominee up to fresh criticism from Hillary Clinton that he took advantage of vulnerable Americans.

"Trump University was a fraudulent scheme used to prey upon those who could least afford it," Clinton's campaign wrote on Twitter Wednesday morning.

Clinton aides suggested the likely Democratic nominee would use Trump University as part of a broader effort to cast Trump as a callous businessman who promises Americans ways to get ahead, but is only concerned with enriching himself. As part of that effort, Clinton has previously hammered Trump for appearing to cheer for the collapse of the U.S. housing market and for failing to make good on pledges to donate to veterans until he was pressured to follow through by the media.

"He is pitching voters that he can help improve their lives, but it is all a scam whose only goal is to promote Trump," Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon said.

Continued at the NYTIMES

Hillary Clinton Accused of Shouting

Our View: For president, Hillary Clinton | The New Mexican

Posted: Saturday, May 28, 2016 10:00 pm

The New Mexican

Gadzooks! New Mexico presidential primary voters will go to the polls on June 7 and it’s almost certain that the Democratic nominee for president is still undecided.

New Mexicans must take advantage of the race still being in play and turn out to vote for the next president of the United States. That’s right, the next president. Whoever emerges as the Democratic nominee — and we believe it will be Hillary Clinton — must win in November. The nation simply can’t afford a Trump presidency.

However, this is not an endorsement encouraging folks to vote against Trump. This is a call to vote for Hillary Clinton. No one will fight for men, women and children, take a punch, then get back up, harder or longer than Hillary Clinton. She is a person of purpose, with an unbelievable work ethic and incredible intellect. She has been unfairly denigrated over decades of GOP-fueled attacks.

That mud has stuck, and like her opponent, she is deeply unpopular despite being ahead in the fight for her party’s nomination against Sen. Bernie Sanders. She is leading in pledged delegates, popular vote and is the choice of party superdelegates. Because of Democratic Party rules, Sanders is unlikely to catch her, even if he takes the battle to the actual convention. That might prove disappointing to his supporters, but we trust — just as Hillary supporters did in 2008 — they will put the country first and work hard to elect the first female president of the United States. Sanders himself said, “By the way, on her worst day, Hillary Clinton will be an infinitely better candidate and president than the Republican candidate on his best day.”

The New Mexican Editorial

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