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What if Gaetz's so called extortioner is working on trump's behalf?

Let me be clear, I think it's likely that Gaetz is a pedophile sex trafficker (along with Tucker).

But it could also be true that tRump or one of his stooges had inside knowledge of the situation, perhaps he even arranged the double date, and then he used it as leverage for various votes, TV coverage, etc (just like he uses leverage on others like Lindsey, Ron Johnson, etc).

Now that tRump is out of a job and his golf club got shut down due to covid, he might be trying to cash in.

Judge Cahill needs to be replaced

I've only seen a small part of the trial so far, but on the part I did see, I feel that the judge behaved in a biased and disrespectful manner. He called the EMT witness Genevieve Hansen "argumentative."

Really? These are regular people doing their duty and testifying in front of a worldwide audience. It takes guts and courage to do so.

The last thing a judge should be doing is berating these brave individuals!
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