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Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2003, 10:22 AM
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If we don't start publicly acknowledging and fighting GOP voter suppression, purging & dirty tricks

the "losses" will continue to pile up. Too many of us want to bury our heads in the sand and pretend like our voting process is fair and beyond reproach. Wake up! E-voting machines with no paper trail are simply unacceptable! Are we a democracy or a third world dictatorship? Our leaders must 1) acknowledge that our voting system is broken and then 2) make sure EVERY American citizen is allowed to *easily* exercise his/her constitutional right to vote. Some common sense reforms:

- Voter registration should be automatic for anyone with a driver's license (or a state ID starting at age 18).

- Race and gender should NOT be listed on our voter registrations as that allows for easier purging and dirty tricks.

- Voting should not be a hassle. There shouldn't be long lines or last minute changes to polling locations without substantial fines. Also, just as people are forced to give up work days for jury duty, maybe the same can be done to get more assistance at the polls. Poll duty.

- Every vote should come with 2 receipts-one for the voter, and 1 for the poll workers. This might be asking for too much, but I wouldn't mind leaving with a unique receipt number that I can enter online to view my selections at a later time. Just for peace of mind.

But back to the suppression and dirty tricks:

Handel is irredeemably deplorable.

It might be time for Tom Perez to step down

Over the past few weeks, we've seen a completely out of control president & White House. Where is the LOUD and overwhelming message from the democrats? Now Spicer is rolling back the daily pressers--no cameras or audio allowed. Where is our representation???!!! We need to be shouting from the rooftops. Hysterical almost.

If Ossof loses tomorrow, Perez might need to step down. We need fighters right now!

What about the people dumb enough to do back flips in

defense of him?

I'll just say this... I've watched Bill Maher since the Politically Incorrect days. I don't think I've missed a episode since he started on HBO... Year after year I watched him become more and more offensive, making ignorant comments about President Obama not being black enough (according to Maher's dumbass stereotypes), disrespectful comments about women, gays, Muslims--basically everyone in the democratic tent except for white guys.

As usual, I tuned in Friday and then I heard that comment. I had to pause and rewind--did this mfcker really just say that? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of the situation, but for me personally, it still would have been highly offensive if he had said "I'm not a house slave." But it looks like he wanted to pack in as much disrespect as possible, so he said what he said.

Let's be clear: The Slavery of Africans in this country is NOT a laughing matter. 400 years of brutal rapes, abuse, murder and torture is not funny. So fuck any ignorant asshole who thinks it's ok to joke about that.

Do I think Bill's intent was malicious? No, but I see now that his disrespect for his fans (many who happen to be African American) has reached the point of no return. I'm not among those calling for him to be fired, but I will not subject myself to his abuse anymore. Enough is enough.
I almost blame myself for watching in the first place in light of his recent unhinged anti-Muslim rants, etc. I'm done!

Trump is done. How do we stop Pence?

Repubs are now openly using the "I" word and, according to CNN's Ana Navarro, McCain just compared Trump's actions to WaterGate. The tide is turning, so democrats need to think about the next steps.

At what point will the "present both sides" format used by CNN, MSNBC

be retired with respect to this so called president? Will they still invite Jeffrey Lord on to explain Trump's side when minority groups are being rounded up or prevented from voting, etc? At what point will the truth be presented ALONE, without the injection of dangerous spin that creates an atmosphere of confusion or complacency?

Bernie's comments annoy me and you may not like Hillary, but we're being baited

Can we all agree that Hillary, Bernie, and most democrats/progressives have good intentions? Great! We are not enemies! If you're at the point where you think we are enemies, it's time to step back, take a break, and let some of the fake news wear off.

If Bernie/Hillary or some other well-meaning Democrat says something stupid, we should be able to discuss it, laugh, roll our eyes and move on. Yes we have different methods and priorities and timetables. But we can work together as we've always done.

Someone (in Russia?) is having a LOT of fun riling up both sides and eating popcorn as the fireworks erupt. That thought annoys me more than anything Bernie could ever say or do because there is so much at stake. If we don't get this right starting this year in the runoffs through 2018, it's over for our movement, and maybe for the country as well. The end!

What if Trump doesn't include *all* of his business dealings on his taxes?

Is it possible that he did some transactions, especially foreign transactions, under the table? I ask because a lot of people are convinced that his taxes would show the truth of his Russian ties.

This is a guy who was operating a charity without certification, and the only reason why he was caught was because of investigations that occurred before the election.

tRump is a criminal and he's surrounded by criminal accountants, doctors, lawyers, etc.--- I think he's hiding his returns not just because of what's on them, but due to what's not on them. My guess is that his returns will show that he's not worth any where near 10 billion, and that he didn't pay his fair share of taxes for years...but the smoking bomb will be business transactions that we know took place but aren't included in his tax returns (like that Palm Beach house that was sold to a Russian for twice what he paid).

Is Germany now the "leader of the free world?" And is that potentially a good thing?

Merkel has already issued at least 2 warnings to trump, first about protectionism and now the Muslim ban. Those are the type of warnings that U.S. presidents used to give to other nations.

It might take some time to sink in, and it's true that we still have the world's greatest arsenal, but as far as leadership, I think that period has officially ended. Will repubs and others admit it?

Also, let's be clear, trump is dangerous and will not keep us safe, but when the smoke clears and he's replaced, is it potentially a good thing if we're no longer front and center on the world stage?

Don't be naive, the "insurance for all" bit is meant to throw cold water on upcoming protests

So instead of steely resolve, the naive among us are now hoping that Trump will bring us single payer. Maybe if that's true, we don't have to protest. Right? Wrong!

Don't be naive. Trump is a con artist. He already fooled millions with the wall lie, don't let "single payer" become the next carrot he uses to gain blind support.

All you have to do is look at who he nominated for Department of Health and Human Services:

Tom Price opposes even more of the Affordable Care Act than Trump. For example, Price's proposed health care overhaul does not require insurers to cover pre-existing conditions, a policy Trump has repeatedly pledged to maintain.

Price has also backed moves to reform and cut Medicare benefits, an entitlement program for the nation's elderly that Trump has pledged to protect.

Outside of his conservative economic record, others may find his social stances a major issue. Chief among these for the HHS job: Price is anti-abortion, pro-gun rights and opposed to the Obamacare provision mandating birth control access.


Did anyone watch the CNN - Paul Ryan Townhall Trainwreck?

The very first question:

An entrepreneur and former life-long Republican explained to House Speaker Paul Ryan that he was against Obamacare and then he got diagnosed with a terminal, but curable cancer. "I want to thank President Obama from the bottom of my heart"

Video: https://www.facebook.com/cnn/videos/10155901808376509/

I think Jake Tapper was just as disgusted with Paul Ryan as I was.
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