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Three friends in Cobb County Georgia have not received their ballots yet

That's really suspicious to me considering they all have different addresses. The last day of early voting before election day is this Friday. I asked them to call the Georgia voters' hotline ASAP. The number is 1-888-730-5816 for anyone else in the same boat. I voted in person so I'm not sure if I would have met the same fate. I didn't trust kemp enough to do that this time around.


Interesting email I received from the US Department of Education

Your Student Loan Debt Relief Application Has Been Approved

So right away I'm intrigued because I had already heard that the forgiveness measures had been squashed.

This email provides you with an update on the one-time Student Loan Debt Relief plan that President Biden and I announced on August 24th.

We received your application or have the income information to process you for loan relief. You do not need to take any further action at this time.

Unfortunately, a number of lawsuits have been filed challenging the program, which have blocked our ability to discharge your debt at present. We believe strongly that the lawsuits are meritless, and the Department of Justice has appealed on our behalf. We will keep your application information and will continue our review of your eligibility if and when we prevail in court. We will update you when there are new developments.

The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to helping borrowers as they recover from the pandemic.

Education is a great equalizer, and we will never stop fighting for you!

In Service,

Miguel A. Cardona

U.S. Secretary of Education

Well done but they should have gone further in singling out republicans specifically. Vague references to "lawsuits" allow republicans to continue to gaslight and lie to Americans. Start calling them out by name, dammit!!

"GOD gives women a choice"

Brilliant point by Warnock. It's not a direct quote, but that line really confused the republican moderator and Herschel. lol

Why is it so confusing?

Some of the jurors on steve bannon's trial don't know about Jan 6?

According to Glenn Kirshner on Morning Joe. Sorry, but that's impossible. I just hope they are not magats pretending to be clueless.

Georgia's voter portal now shows voters' entire voting record

Actually, I don't know if it shows the entire record for everyone but it shows my entire record, which began in 2000. It doesn't show who we voted for but it shows the date and method of every vote for at least the past 22 years. All you have to know is the voter's first initial, last name, birthday and county. Thank goodness my record is perfect. Yikes!

On a side note, this might help in pressuring some of the people I know to vote this fall. You're either for women having control of their own bodies or you're not, and the proof will be there for everyone to see.

The only way to "check" the Supreme Six is to impeach

The judicial branch interprets laws, but the Senate in the legislative branch confirms the Presidentís nominations for judicial positions, and Congress can impeach any of those judges and remove them from office.

Now that they've abruptly taken away an internationally recognized human right from women and girls in this country, I think it is completely appropriate to start impeachment proceedings, without regard for whether it will be successful or not. Kavanaugh and Gorsuch lied during their confirmation hearings. Senator Collins said she was misled, and Manchin said he feels betrayed. That's actually a big deal, because Kavanaugh and Gorsuch's lies prevented the Senate from doing their job properly before confirmation.

When the right-wing goes too far, we have to be willing to go just as far in the other direction. Again, the right wing Supreme Court has taken away a human right from women and girls in this country. That deserves a huge response.

I don't want to hear crap about a slippery slope. This country is sliding off a cliff right now. Women will die. Some women will be subjected to humiliating and degrading vaginal probes from State officials. Some doctors will stay silent when it comes to dangerous pregnancies. Some women may even resort to suicide due to feeling trapped and hopeless.

Of course. And each mass shooting

is making people who wouldn't normally think about purchasing guns, think about purchasing guns. A lot of the new gun owners, like many of the current ones, won't be prepared, responsible or mentally equipped to handle a gun.

If any elected republicans have a conscience or any trace of common sense, they know that our nation's existence is in jeopardy right now. And while Democrats can't force them to vote a certain way, we have to use our power. Even if it's just symbolic or noise making. How many times did rethugs hold failed votes on overturning the aca? We need to be doing the same thing with regard to the issues that rethugs are stonewalling on: voting rights, gun laws, and yes, police brutality.

An often unspoken and unaddressed issue that we're facing is the current insubordination of police. This "crime wave" is not random or just because of the pandemic. It is an intentional strategy being used by police departments and their judicial / law enforcement counterparts across this country to hold on to unchecked power, and it's working. But how long can this nation last when specific groups of people continue to be targeted and terrorized by law enforcement? I get that this is how it's been for hundreds of years, but it's 2022 now and people have social media, cameras and other ways of communicating and organizing. With the "turn the other cheek" strategy falling flat, people will resort to other means if this isn't addressed and soon.

A national "Banned from Buying Guns" list

At the very least, could rethugs agree to that idea? The Uvalde killer had been threatening to shoot up a school for years! He should have been on a list like that.

Besides voting BLUE, what should women be doing right now to prepare?

On Morning Joe today, Mara Gay mentioned that her friends were deleting their information from period tracking apps in response to the SCOTUS draft. At first I thought it was a little premature but now I'm wondering because I share that info with Fitbit (Google) and another app as well. Honestly, if we're really at the point where companies like Google will rat us out to State authorities if we have suspicious gaps in our cycles, then we would have to return to using dumb phones because everything we say and do is tracked.

Some other ideas that I heard last night were to order Plan B and the abortion pill now, but I'm concerned that that could create shortages for women who actually need it right now.

I think the FDA should speed along the approval of self-placed IUDs. The copper IUD is nearly 100% effective as emergency contraceptive up to 7 days after unprotected sex. It's not the most elegant solution but it's a better option than carrying a rapist's baby, for example. The copper IUD should be made widely available and nurses should make it a priority to learn about how to safely insert them. Biden's administration can create programs that give RNs and NPs training specifically related to reproductive health care.

Also, I'm sure this already exists, but we're going to need some sort of database to distinguish between authentic pills and fakes.
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