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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2003, 08:34 PM
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so, i have always wondered a little if the whole heartworm thing is mostly a scam. those scary maps where every case is a big dot so that a dozen cases cover up a whole county- classic scare tactics imho.
but i do it anyway, mostly.
it used to always be if the dog was on meds last summer, they can get them again without a test. now my vet requires a test even for dogs that were on year round. this seems to be just an inch too far to me.
i am pretty tolerant of the fact that my vet needs to make a living. getting his own practice off the ground has been very hard. but sometimes i just feel like rules are made to maximize profits.
i don't mind the meds. but a painful and expensive test for something that they are not going to find? this is just a little ott.
anyone want to share their experiences/opinions on this great threat?

the very best dog bones, imho.

unless you have access to long femurs from cows, which last 4EVER, but maybe even if you do-
i found a little neighborhood store that has cow's feet. they aren't really much good for stock, by themselves. there isn't really any meat on them. but they are good to toss in, as they have so much gelatin. (i use/cook them first.) but the bones are hard as little rocks, and the round little shapes are pretty uncrushable. they last a really long time.
and there are a lot of them, which is good for us crazy people with 5 dogs. especially compared to the small fortune that you pay for rawhide.


link to the albums, but

yeah! dirt!

although i am getting some awesome fill from the landscapers, it is not what i need for growing containers. today i took delivery of a truckload of garden mix- top soil, leaf compost and peat, and a truckload of compost, and 8- 4 cuft bags of peat.
i can get to work now!!!!!
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