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She *IS* Trayvon

Most of us are not exposed to his world. Importantly the jurors. I suppose the vast majority of us have already excused her previous prevarications and understand why she did. But don't underestimate the shock value to the jurors. This is novel to many who only see/hear only this stuff on TV. Reality hits.

This offered us a pretty good glimpse of it. And THAT i suppose is why the Defense spent SO much time on it. They very well may not have the opportunity to bring on Trayvon's past, bahavioral problems, attitude and environment. But this is a very good way to do it on the sly. There is a method to their madness.

Think about it. We are REALLY REALLY discussing her. We can't help ourselves!

I am sure the Jurors will really be discussing this while in sequestration this weekend. I suppose B29 might have some input into this. Whether it bodes well for the prosecution's case or zimmerman's defense, who can say.

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