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Tom Rinaldo

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Member since: Mon Oct 20, 2003, 05:39 PM
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Critical Reform Needed: "The Principles of Democracy" should be a required public school curriculum

I would propose it as a mandatory course for juniors in High Schools. For too long Americans have taken our revolutionary democratic heritage for granted, and now it has reached a point where it is slipping through our fingers, partially as a result. All American youth should be educated about democracy, comparing its advantages and disadvantages to other forms of government. Various models for democratic forms of government should also be looked at, showing how the American model compares to that used by other world democracies. Even more importantly, the fundamental prerequisites for maintaining a healthy functional democracy should be studied. That would include the infrastructure needed by a well functioning democracy, both human and technical.

The curriculum should cover such basics as the role of checks and balances, the need for governmental transparency, and the need for equitable access to mass media by potential candidates for government so that a democratic government can represent the full spectrum of it's citizens and not end up dominated only by those with exceptional personal means and/or those disproportionately indebted to those with concentrated wealth. The concept of "the market place of ideas" should be explored, with an emphasis on what is required to ensure that malicious falsehoods not drown out the truth. The origin of core premises such as "one man one vote" should be taught, as well as the history of the expansion of the right to vote from our nation's founding to the current day.

That's just scratching the surface, I'm sure others can think of additional essential topics that would fall within "The Principles of Democracy." This is not and need not become a partisan exercise. Democracy is not a partisan issue, it is our shared American heritage, but it does not flourish with neglect. That should be obvious to many by now.

It's not Trump's Hate, Greed, Corruption, Arrogance, Lawlessness or Incompetence...

It's the fact that, in the face of all of the above, with huge mountains of evidence to support each and every one of those severe indictments made against him, that Trump is still virtually worshiped by a third of our nation that absolutely horrifies me.

Evil and vile as one man may be, he is still just one man, and in a democracy we collectively have the means to deal with any one person, once the truth about him is known. That however assumes both a functioning democracy, and citizens willing to see the truth. Both of those core premises are way too much in question now to take much comfort from them.
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