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Tom Rinaldo

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Member since: Mon Oct 20, 2003, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 17,524

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My gut worst case scenario for tonight is still a good one

I say Hillary takes FL, NC, NV, PA, CO, NM, WI, one electoral vote in Nebraska, and NH. In my worst case I give Trump OH, one electoral vote from Maine, and just possibly Michigan. I actually think Trump may lose Arizona but let's say he wins it, and Georgia too and holds on to Missouri and Indiana. No way he gets Minnesota. Bottom line: No way Trump comes close to winning. And he gets swamped in the popular vote.

Hillary wasn't my preferred candidate...

But for the next 48 hours she will enthusiastically be my avatar, and I warmly wish her a long and progressive presidency!

Any other DUers who don't already have Hillary for their avatar interested in joining me?

For the paranoid amongst us

We are in a far safer place today vis a vis the potential for election fraud than we were three days ago. The public narrative has finally shifted. It is no longer dominated by talk of Trump having the momentum heading into election day. Encouraging polling for Clinton is finally breaking through the "Trump is on a roll" mantra that had dominated media coverage ever since the FBI inserted itself into the race. Now with the "all clear" signal from the FBI dominating the final news cycle before we shift to traditional "America heads to the polls" coverage tomorrow, it is impossible to convincingly still sell a "Trump is closing strongly" message.

Any attempt to steal any election in the face of polls that show that candidate losing depends on a favorite staple of political commentary; a "late surge of voters" changing the election dynamics at the eleventh hour. But any attempt to sell a theory of a "late surge of voters to Trump" this year has been derailed by increasingly blatant reality - it's not happening. And late breaking news is breaking against Trump. Even Russia can't change that.
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