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Gender: Female
Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Oct 13, 2003, 05:47 PM
Number of posts: 68,867

About Me

I cook, paint, write, read, decorate, garden, and volunteer. I'm also a business owner, a mother and a wife. I love you.....no matter what you think of me.

Journal Archives

Mitt Romney, based on just on his taxable income of 13 million, earned $52,700 PER DAYin 2011...

when he woke up each morning!

Now I don't mind that so much....

but when he dares call 47% of Americans moochers,
when the average family income is $45,000 PER YEAR....
and he appears appalled that folks expect something like food when the
economy was taken over the cliff by policies he supports,
I get mad all over again! Grrrrrr!

(Note: Those stats were spoken about on a talk show tonight)

Hey Mitt....you wish it will just be 47% who will vote for Obama!

But in reality 53% of voters cast their last Presidential vote for Barack Obama!..
The 47% was not based on any actual election, just wishful thinking!

it will be MORE than 47%! Remember that, cause we will!

Just fact checking!

(R)Money can't buy Intelligence

nor buy these elections.....

That is all!

If you can, please listen to 81.5 FM (NPR SF).....Insight on Obama's FP on Libya

Quite Interesting....with much insight!

MICHAEL LEWIS who wrote the article in Vanity Fair...."Obama's Way" : http://www.vanityfair.com/politics/2012/10/michael-lewis-profile-barack-obama

LISTEN HERE: http://www.kqed.org/radio/listen/

2012 can be a Landslide Election for Prez Obama IF......

FLORIDA 9/8/12


How many times and for how long have we been told "It will be a close election"?

Why have "they" known all along what no one should really know...not for this long?

Cause if I remember it correctly, we were also told by the media that the Republicans would win the 2010 elections
for at least a year before those elections happened! So how did they also know this so far in advance?

I'm just curious about these things and therefore I'm simply asking why it appears that the media seem to know well the results of American elections so far ahead of the time they happen, and yet the same media couldn't see the Financial Collapse of these United States till it happened? Or know that on 9/11/01, we would be attacked on our own soil? Why do they know with certainty election information, but nothing else?

Here's a small sample of the long time consistency of the Media's reporting on these upcoming "close" elections:

Will the 2012 election be close?
Posted by Ezra Kleinat 02:57 PM ET, 03/21/2011

April 15, 2011
Given Current Trends Election Will Be Very Close


2012 Presidential Election: Close Race for Obama
ABC News-Washington Post poll shows president evenly matched with Mitt Romney.

Obama faces close 2012 election, aide says
By David Jackson, USA TODAY
Oct 11, 2011


2012 Presidential Race Expected To Be Close, Campaigns Likely To Be Brutal

Why 2012 election will be very close
November 09, 2011|By David Gergen, CNN Senior Political

RealClearPolitics - Will Obama Steal the Election?
December 31, 2011

(I just threw this one in because it's so fucking crazy! )

2012 Election Shaping Up to Be Close Contest like 2000, 2004
By Saul Relative
Yahoo! Contributor Network Mon, May 7, 2012

Why the 2012 election will be the closest since Bush vs Gore
Posted by Chris Cillizzaat 12:21 PM ET, 05/22/2012

Four Months to Go and Too Close to Call
Posted July 10th, 2012

Could the Presidential Election End in a Tie?
By Erin McPike - July 10, 2012


Here's why I think the Mantra of 2012 being a close election has been touted by the news media consistently for sooo very long.....
but this is just me.....

TV Stations To Reap 2012 Election Windfall
By DAVID LIEBERMAN, Executive Editor | Sunday June 26, 2011 @ 4:35pm EDT


I know that you really kind of know this.

So please, why do we allow the media to get away with this obvious conflict of interest,
and is there anything that can be done about it? Shouldn't we be asking these questions
of them? Shouldn't we be holding them accountable in some way?

Further point is that the media continues to report on the horse race, but yet they fail to report
on the actual substance of the issues. The MTP interview today was a prime example of their failure
to inform us in anyway.

I challenge us to get together and to discuss what we could possibly do to call our this obvious media manipulation if anything!
You see, our lives really does depend on whether we will be passive, or whether we will work at what might consider impossible;
Keeping the media accountable to serve us rather than to destroy us for their own benefit!

MTP today - Was it just my imagination????

Frankly, I didn't want to watch.....and I turned off the MTP interview with candidate Robme today.....but later this morning, nothing was on, and so I turned to MSNBC (which replayed the interview that I hadn't wanted to see).....and watched what must have been the last 5 minutes of the MTP interview after all.

So I just want to know, was it just me, or did Gregory not allow Robme to actually answer questions? And it always seemed to come just when it appeared that Robme might give us a specific? Plus, I heard absolutely no follow up common sense questions from Gregory, even though I was asking them to the television, and instead Gregory steered the Robme candidate to other subjects?


1. Robme appeared to be about to give 2 specifics to the issue of his policies on the economy.....
as he said, "there are two things that I would do....one is to.....", and just then, Gregory interrupts him to make his own statement, and then asked another question, leaving Robme never to state what he'd do.

2. Gregory never asked Robme the simple question of "how would you do it" when Robme talked about "growing the economy and creating jobs".

3. Gregory never challenged Robme when Robme stated that he would balance the budget by the end of his 2nd term.
I mean......Robme wants to deny Pres. Obama a 2nd term because somehow Obama didn't get everything done that Robme believes he should have, but somehow, it's ok for Robme to say that he, about himself, he would need a 2nd term to get the budget balanced? WTF? Gregory didn't challenge that obvious one either!

In fact, Gregory didn't follow up on much of anything at all!

I came away from the interview that I saw (the last 5 minutes or so) believing that the whole thing had been rehearsed and that the interview was never meant to do anything other than to "repair" Robme's fucked up campaign to date. I especially loved how Gregory said to Robme...."what are the headlines that will be read about this Interview that turned around the election?"paraphrasing)....like Gregory's show is soooo fucking important!

That interview was a big self serving exercises in an attempt to help Robme! It was soooo obvious to me. Was it to you (if you watched it)?

Sooo Obamacare will be repealed, and Pre-existing Condition Seniors will be given a Voucher/Coupon?

To go and buy insurance on the open Market? So what if insurance Companies don't want to insure these folks....
considering that without Obamacare in place, denying them coverage would be quite alright?

Does this sound as much of a nightmare Death Panel situation as could be, or is it just me?

Dear "Disappointed" Corporate Media,

Dear "Disappointed" Corporate Media employees,

As you know, this nation and many of the people in it are hurting, and therefore
what you do and how you report becomes that much more important to this country.

I would urge that you live up to the maybe silly notion that perhaps you love your country too,
and since you are a citizen/resident of these United States,
you have a responsibility to be as truthful as you say you want the politicians to be.
If you are not going to be truthful, you should quit your job to at least demonstrate that you
are as patriotic as you expect everyone else to be....just sayin'.

So in order that you actually serve your country for the good, I have a few requests in reference to your reporting on our lead up to the elections in order that you help this country as opposed to hurting it some more (e.g., your reporting on the Iraq War).

1. When you want to report in a way that propagandizes in favor of he Republicans, please vary the
adjectives that you are using to get this done. Instead of every single newspaper and talking head
using the exact same word, like the case of the job report, calling it disappointing; think of some other words, i.e.,
look up chosen word in the thesaurus. This is so that the coordination of spewing GOP talking points is not so obvious.

2. When you request that the candidates be policy "specific" in their speeches, please practice what you preach,
and get specific with your policy reporting. It would be such a waste for the politicians to fulfill your demands, but
that you then don't report any of the specifics they provide.

3. Please heed Bill Clinton's advise, look up what arithmetic means, and then actually analyze the arithmetic of
whatever plans have been set forth, so that you don't look like you yourself don't know what arithmetic is.

4. Please start showing the actual campaign speeches of the candidates, instead of showing us two minutes of their introductions. We hear what you think all of the time, so we really do need to hear them INSTEAD of you when they are speaking. I don't consider what you do as "covering" politics when you don't even allow us to hear what the political candidates are saying unless we turn to CSpan.

5. Please spare us the cherry picked poll results, as you are influencing the elections with them, and that's not the media's job.

6. Please start showing the crowd size at each candidate's event. We want to know if this "Close" election is actually as close as you intimate. Crowd size can help us determine the level of enthusiasm for each candidate.....while if you are simply telling us what you think the enthusiasm level is based on intangibles, it doesn't really tell us anything. What it does is damage your (already shredded) credibility as an even remotely unbiased source of information.

7. Please do not interview other media people all of the time and pretend that these are real interviews. Talking heads interviewing each other doesn't qualify as anything more than "blah blah" and it isn't really helpful as our main source of information.

Thank you,


A sick-n-tired Citizen


We owe them so much more!
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