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Gender: Female
Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Oct 13, 2003, 06:47 PM
Number of posts: 68,866

About Me

I cook, paint, write, read, decorate, garden, and volunteer. I'm also a business owner, a mother and a wife. I love you.....no matter what you think of me.

Journal Archives

Romney talking at CPAC now: Public Servants should not get a better deal than the people they serve

But he didn't say......Rich Millionaires and corporations can get a better deal than everyone else!

Also, Romney says he's on the same page as the Ryan Plan. That Romney, as President, will increase the Age of retirement.

He says again that he will also eliminate Obama Care.

Said President Obama shouldn't be lecturing others on values, as he has inflicted nothing but pain on the American people.

And he said he will reverse every single Obama decision that has attacked religion institutions....

Romney will not be cutting the military budget. He said, if you don't believe in us having the strongest military in the world, you've already got that President now!

and then I will come to Washington and change Washington, and then I will go back to my home and my community that I love.

I hate this asshole!

Santorum is sickening.....

with or without a sweater vest!

He lies just the same as the rest of them......
in that bubble of theirs!

Let's do it again in 2012! Song from the youth...


You want to see something funny???


OMG...I can't stop



How could anyone vote for a known repeat Liar (Romney) for the Presidency?


I have never heard so many blatant (and fact checkable) lies coming out of the mouth of one running as the nominee of any party (apart from the Newt). Even the biggest asshole candidates in the past based much of their campaign remarks on some shade of the truth...but not this guy! He's willing to make shit up and tell it to the American people with a straight face.

I don't know about you, but I find this very frightening and detrimental to our democracy (as much as those who are attempting to keep voters from voting)....as it shows a man devoid of any intergrity who will say anything, anytime, for the sole purpose of getting himself and his party ahead.

I realize that he has chosen to run against a made up President who doesn't exist.....but that is not an excuse, as it only showcases that Romney can lie without conscience....and I just can't see that this is what America should even want!

All I can say is that we need to show these MF, and we need to work like hell to GET THE VOTE OUT!

Click here to link to the "Volunteer for Barack Obama" page
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