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Gender: Female
Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Oct 13, 2003, 06:47 PM
Number of posts: 68,867

About Me

I cook, paint, write, read, decorate, garden, and volunteer. I'm also a business owner, a mother and a wife. I love you.....no matter what you think of me.

Journal Archives

If you are VOTING tomorrow (because you didn't or couldn't vote early....)

Just Stay in line NO MATTER WHAT!

Get there, stay there and then VOTE!

That is what the fate of this country boils down to, period.

Des Moines Iowa Obama Rally has started....is on CSpan - Bruce just started singing.....

My 74 year old Mom has announced that she is moving back to France "Ci le Con Romney est Úlu "......

"Ci le Con Romney est Úlu " = If that Asshole Romney is elected.

She's got losta cash, a million+ dollar house that's paid for in full,
a bunch of very good high valued stocks, and is embarking on a Month long cruise that will take
her thru Christmas and New Years eve. She came to America to live out the American Dream,
which she is living, and she wants that for all of us, not just her!

She texted this message to me just a few minutes ago.

Just thought I'd share!

ROMNEYSIA is truly a Deadly Disease....

and in this case, what one doesn't remember can kill us all!

and it is painfully obvious that the Corporate media is working very hard to make this condition viral!

Obamacare is the only Cure! GOTV!

Eli and Seth Lovell - Twin Brothers and Veterans Who Support President Obama

Veteran Twins share why they believe that Pres Obama has been an exemplerary President!

Doofus Romney Nearly Fell Off the Stage at the End of the Debate.....

when he went to shake hands, only after he saw President Obama doing it. However, in his awkward attempts to keep up with the Real Commander-In-Chief, Romney was doing this weird squat thingie that looked quite terrible and made Romney look like a big Girlie Man Doofus. Then Ann Romney moves into action, and attempts to hold Romney so that he doesn't fall. She tries to laugh it off hoping no one notices......

and that is how these pics came to be:

Note, the incident actually looked much more embarassing on live camera, than do the pictures. I will say this about Ms. Romney, she knows how to be phony and look natural doing it. That smile that you see on her face is to cover her fear that folks would pick up on what she was doing, and she was right....cause I picked up on it right away! I'm sure the press noticed it too, but I guess they don't want to talk about it. Wonder why? Guess it would expose those two....who are as phony as a $6 bill!

When Gore sighed, it was all the pundit talked about for dayyyyyys......So Now,

why when Romney sweats visible buckets, and then has to be held by his wife in order not to fall off the stage,
all I hear from pundits in reference to those occurences are crickets....

Romney with his awkward self.....Ann had to hold him so he wouldn't fall off the stage!

Each time he shook hand, looks like he was taking a dump!

This pic doesn't even show how bad it looked on camera!

I'm Lucky! I get to miss the Debates on Tuesday....

I work at my restaurant every Tuesday evening, and there is no time or television for me to watch,
which means that I cannot see the debate in real time.

I have plans to listen to a music CD on the way home, just so that I don't hear any news report about the debate.

I will than not come to DU, but watch the debates on my DVR and then stew into what my eyes and ears tell me. I will then turn off the lights and go to bed.

So why am I celebrating this what some would call "sticking my head into the sand"?

It is due to the fact that Pres. Obama is bound to lose the debates, because everyone on our side has super duper high expectations that he has to be better than even perfect.....in order to reverse the terrible opinions folks have in their minds of his performance in the first debate. the media of course, will make it a draw AT best. AT worse, they will find something he said or did to criticize him, and of course, they will excuse the lies that Mitt Romney is sure to tell, like they did the last time.

Over the past 4 years, I've watched close-up folks getting disappointed with this particular President, if he even says one thing they don't approve of. I've witnessed how some want what is in their minds to come out of his mouth in the exact same wording that they came up with, and anything short of that just won't do it. They want Luther, Obama's anger interpreter of Key and Peele Fame. Folks want him to kick ass and take names, and they want it done their way. I'm certain that there will be one thing that they felt he could have been stronger on, etc.... In otherwords, I don't think it possible that he will satisfy all of those who are looking for satisfaction.

I think that due to the long standing harsher zeal to criticize this President (and this has gone on forever), that folks will forget again that we are trying to win an election, and decide that what counts most of all is their own opinion on things. Those folks will plainly said what they expected vs. what they got, and I'm quite sure that at the end of the day....his performance just wont quite do it.

It is possible that I will come and check what's been happening here on Thursday......but that depends on whatever general feedback I get ahead of time. Because, you see....a couple of weeks before the election is not a time that I want to be depressed about what the outcome of the election might be.

Here's the deal on me. My financial affairs will be relatively fine, no matter who ends up winning the election. Although the restaurant may or may not suffer, I have other businesses that are what some would call recession proof. Both of my kids will be fine, as they are now grown. My eldest will have her PHD within a year and a half (which is all paid for), and both her and her husband graduated from Top 10 Ivy League schools already, and own their own home. She currently attends the 3rd ranked medical school in the country. My youngest has a business degree, and is currently helping us in our businesses. I'm past child bearing age, so the laws that will be instituted against women would have a very small impact on me.....and my kids can always fly out of the country (they are dual French Citizens) if need be....and I could retire to France if it gets tough enough. Like Pres. Obama and Romney, the point is that I will be OK.

In otherwords, like some others here, I'm not wanting to win this election based on what good stuff will come my way or remain good for me personally, but indeed, I worry about all of those folks who aren't as fortunate as I have been. I feel for those who are trying to climb out of poverty, I fear for the future of their children, and the future of the American Dream (which worked out quite well for me). I also worry about the world in general, and how a Romney administration would fuck things up beyond repair (like Bush pretty much did). So I ask myself, what will happen to those folks? Now, that is something I do concern myself about quite a lot. It is why I have donated, volunteered and have been involved. I want my adopted country to be the best that it can be, and I don't believe that will happen in a Romney administration.

This Election should be important to all of us, but at the same time, I have very little faith that we are disciplined enough or politically smart enough to do whatever we need to do in order to get the results that will affect the course of the future of so many.

I don't want to contemplate having to watch life getting any harder than it already is for all of those folks that struggle every day. So for this reason, I will do as I outlined, and hope that this works for me.

To conclude; since this isn't a game from all that I can tell is at stake, I refuse to play.

Thank you for reading.

Screaming loudly on the Internet that your side lost a debate will not help you Win the Election....

especially if you do it over and over again,
every chance you get, for days on in....

It's a proven FACT!

and a special note; it doesn't make you look smarter than the rest of us either.....
it just makes the Republicans look smarter!

Are we all clear on that?
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