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Gender: Female
Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Oct 13, 2003, 06:47 PM
Number of posts: 68,867

About Me

I cook, paint, write, read, decorate, garden, and volunteer. I'm also a business owner, a mother and a wife. I love you.....no matter what you think of me.

Journal Archives

Many say that Wikileaks has damaging info on Corp news bigwigs...

And is Blackmailing them and forcing them to report on crazy ass Trump as though he was a normal and competitive candidate!

That answers a lot of what we've been seeing!

Corp Media's Blatant False Equivalency of the campaigns

Of Trump and Clinton is dangerous and sick!

I only watched about three minutes of CNN this morning. And then became disgusted and turned to MSNBC for like two minutes, and then turned it all off!

The "all the rage" talking points happening now...apparently is that the election has devolved into nothing more than name-calling coming from both camps...and why aren't they talking about "Real issues"???

Apparently, Hillary Clinton has been found guilty by the media of "many many many scandals".....but that Trump is blowing any advantage over Hillary due to his own scandalous comments.

Last I checked, Hillary had not been found guilty of any wrongdoing in any of these so-called "Many Many Many scandals" But it appears that our media has tried and convicted her as indeed guilty of these scandals, whlie Trump is only inept by not taking advantage of Hillary Clinton' scandals!

This is why I hate the corporate media… And rarely watch any "news" television!

The US Corporate Media and its reporters are Vladimir Putin's Bitches.....

Hope they can sleep at night as they betray this country again....
like they did during the run up to Iraq...when they were George W. Bush's bitches!

Russian Media is Putin's Old Bitch. He's found a new one in ours!

Great article on how Putin owns the Media in Russia outright.....Which is why they call him their President instead of what he is; a Dictator!

Is Corporate Media paid to provide election advice to the Trump Campaign?????

Seems like the few times I turn the Television on to watch politics, the reporters are talking disapprovingly about if only Trump said this or that about Hillary Clinton...he could close the gap. In fact, these various talking heads and reporters are constantly lamenting that Trump is not attacking Hillary the right way. That he should be talking about the Clinton Foundation, or that there might be merit to attacking her on emails...if only he would stop saying things that he has to defend, and just do the attacks the right way!

I didn't realize that our media exists in order to offer maps to a Republican presidential candidate how he should be attacking the Democratic candidate in the race. Is this new?

As well, every few sentences in, these Reporters have to remind us that we aren't supposed to believe Hillary is not truthful.....or honest....
Each time I hear them say it.....I ask myself, why do they feel compelled to continue to suggest that this is what we should think? Unfortunately, there are too many viewers who don't even have to think this on their own, cause the media makes certain to mention it every 5 minutes, without any evidence whatsoever! And I'm noticing that after Trump attacks the media (which is often), they have started calling themselves "The Liberal media" now, while they kiss Trumps ass and continue to give us this bizarre new normal we call Trump, the biggest dishonest liar of them all....and yet, the media doesn't every 5 minutes talk about how big of a dishonest liar he is!

This shit stinks, and is blatant! I want my 1st amendment back. The press we have today doesn't deserve any constitutional protection, IMO!


Speech from our awesome President! 🇺🇸

Does this seem to make sense to you?

I'm referring to Josh Marshall'S article on Trump/Putin which I posted on my FB....

my good FB friend responded by writing this....

"I have read it. Here is something to consider about his EastEastern European financiers in relation to the exception taken by Trump about Mexico:
The suppression of Mexico by "building a wall" is rooted in seeking to suppress the Mexican drug trade to the benefit of the drug traders of Eastern Europe,Turkey and Afghanistan. The Russia mob has been growing poppies for opium and heroin production since before Russian invasion of Afghanistan.
Trump tightens southern borders, enabling Russians to transport drugs over Canadian borders and even Alaska."

This is the article I had posted....

I'm with Her....and I'm with Tim!

and they're for US!
Sounds just fine to me!

"Someone said" the media is in Hillary's pocket?

Me think not whatsoever, not even one lil' bit.....

I watched a couple of news programs for a short while today, and they told me all I needed to know
to conclude that "someone said" is out to lunch!

What I learned from our Corporate media in just those few minutes (that I can't ever get back) is:
About her unfavorable numbers - no perspective that Sander voters are all up in those numbers.....for now,
How Sanders' favorables are so much higher than hers, without perspective that Sanders hasn't been attacked about anything by anybody,
About how close Trump and Hillary are in "zee polls" for the General election - no perspective that there is still a primary going on whether I like it or not, and those polls are being affected by those Sander voters who want the polls to turn out as they have.
About how maybe Democratic voters will "change" their mind, and vote Sanders; without any perspective told of the impossibility of Sanders winning anything no matter.....

What I didn't hear from our Corporate media:
About Sanders' missing tax returns that he promised to provide but that we are still waiting for,
About Jane Sanders and her daughter's role in that Vermont University Shut down,
About Sanders FECC filing issues and why there is an issue, and what he's gonna do about it,
About how Sanders CANNOT win, and his campaign is all but broke,
About how Trump is using F*cking racism and free media advertising to gain votes,
who exactly set up and will be paying for these "rallies" set up for the old 1968 Democratic National Convention redux in order to make Trump President a la Nixon....is it Broke Sanders, or low life Trump?

That's why I ain't watching no F*cking media....
As these elections are all a great big joke to them.....Cause they are getting their paychecks
and their children's future is all but assured....

and for those who believe the Corporate media is in Hillary's pocket,

The hidden history of Black Jockeys

How did black achievement become erased from Kentucky Derby History? Check it out!

African-American horsemen played a vital role in shaping early American turf history, and the Kentucky Derby is no exception. The history of the Kentucky Derby and African-American horsemen are intertwined. The Derby and Churchill Downs owe a great deal to these men who helped shape America's greatest race. Thirteen of the 15 riders in the first Derby were African-American, while African-American reinsmen won 15 of the Derby's first 28 runnings.

But the decline of black jockeys in the Derby and the rest of thoroughbred racing is intricately tied to the history of race and economics in the U.S., experts said.

The early dominance of black jockeys was a result of Antebellum customs. In the time of slavery, enslaved people were often the caretakers of horses on plantations, said Teresa Genaro, freelance turf writer and founder of Brooklyn Backstretch.


just turned to C-SPAN to hear the rest of Obama's speech in Flint

Here I am watching the president speech in Flint, Michigan, when MSNBC decided I didn't need to hear anymore… So I turn to C-SPAN, to hear the rest! Damn the media!
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