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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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Vonda McIntyre died in April. Great science fiction author. 2nd woman to win Nebula, 3rd to win Hugo

Winner was her 1978 book Dreamsnake. (A wonderful book; do read it.)

So sorry to learn she has died.

Remember when Elizabeth Taylor was on the soap General Hospital? She liked Luke, Laura story

Some of her appearances are on youtube.

Also many bits of the Luke and Laura story, esp THE WEDDING!

?!? Read officials ready to admit Bahamians, ferry captain refused to let them land!?!

It was captain's decision, not that of US govt

Anyone else hear that???

New US motto---any billionaire can become president!---replaces any boy, girl can become president

Wealthy men have run and become president--FDR, JFK

But with Romney something new was added. Unlike those 2, Mitt was blatantly, in-your-face rich. It seemed to be his defining characteristic.

Plus he treated the nomination as his right.

And why should HE disclose his tax returns?!?

Trunp followed a pre-laid path---'Hey, if ol' Mitt can do it, any billionaire can!'

We HAVE to trust weather forecasts about deadly weather!! Will supporters be shocked awake?!?

People who've lived through tornadoes KNOW many people would be dead if we hadn't gotten accurate info about path and strength of storm in time to take action.

We CANNOT afford to have some egomaniac and his enablers playing with the data we need to prepare to protect ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and our communities.

This is such a major action---I don't see how his supporters who have lived through deadly storms and KNOW the importance of accurate and timely info can continue to support him.

They now KNOW his actions can kill their children.

Congress looking at pictures,,,,,,,

Wasn't Congress called out to look at pictures of our torture victims at AG in Iraq under Bush Ii?

Snd didn't press report some came out with sick looks on their faces?

But they couldn't take pics of the evidence.

And (I think) talk about what they'd seen?

And zero/zip was done to change our policy? (As far as we the public knew)

So Congress seeing pics of victims doesn't always necessarily have the result we wish.

How many major/mass shootings have there been in TX recently? Are TX officials asking WHY?

Mental issues, etc, begin to get pretty old as an answer

Saw there's a dem House Rep named Suozzi. Like the name. What ethnicity is it?

NYT has article on family behind paywall

Can someone dissect the pic of the satellite pic? I just don't see shadow of one taking pic.

I've read that you can see shadow of someone taking a pic of the satellite pic - maybe by cellphone - to pass along to someone else. I'm pretty old, and I just don't see it.

Any help would be appreciated


Mumps, no flu vaccine. Where's the contaminated water?

When do we hear of TB, measles, cholera, scarlet fever, etc?

I feel like I'm living in a 19th century novel.

Was some Trump advisor forced to read a Dickens' novel? Pretty sure they stopped after the very1st pages of A Christmas Carol.
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