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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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Appalling---digbys post The Jokers 10-2: compares Trump Putin to videos of Martin and Lewis

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

Here in OK got text on cell phone from Yang volunteer. No other campaign has texted me. Emails, sur

Among other groups he said they want support from are libertarians

If dems never said anything, GOPers couldn't twist their words. Then dems shut up, GOP WINS!

This is what GOP wants!

Never forget! Nazis had strict anti-abortion laws while killing Jewish children in camps. Familiar?

Thiam and Kahn, Credit Suisse execs--does bank have history of diversity hires?

COO fired for having Kahn followed is Caucasian. Is there tension in bank, Swiss financial elite world over Switzerland's changing demographics?

Lance Walnau, Religious Right leader: Left lies, says US built on slave labor. On JimBakker show

Part of long rant that Trump at nearly the last possible moment is saving US from left's destruction of America's purpose and God's plan.

Saw this clip on YouTube video of Bakker show yesterday.

Listening to his list of things left is doing to destroy America reveals in what a different world white Evangelicals live in!!!

Incredible!! Just listened to Schiff's opening statement to intelligence committee hearing!

He makes the situation very clear.

No yelling, no screaming, no hand-waving.

Just quietly and in simple, straightforward, easy to understand words.

A speech for the history books.

A great tragedy that such a speach was and is necessary.

Rice U band half time show trolls Baylor's anti-LGBTQ stand !

Reported on ftiendlyatheist blog at patheos on September 25

Rice U band half-time show trolls Baylor anti-LGBTQ stand!

Report in blog friendlyatheist at patheos in Sept 25 post

'Stick 'em in the eye', play on DU cartoon thread--German count out-rhyme---

In English we have 'one, two, buckle my shoe---'

'Eins, zwei, Polizei.
Drei, vier, Wein und Bier--'

One student of children's rhymes pointed out that kids in areas where several languages are spoken often redo the rhymes in one language to use several.

That's what I thought of when my son (8) redid the German cut-out rhyme as

Eins, zwei, poke you in the eye,
Drei, vier, kick you in the rear--

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