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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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Trump orders lifting ban on logging in Alaska rainforest!!

Read this at blog joemygod. It was relaying report from WaPo

Blog's story posted today Oct 15

Just saw a bit about keinemusik. Can anyone here give me some info about it?

House members are finger puppets of Satan working to take down Trump for demonic ends---JimBakker to

Claim by guest Carl Gallups on show today

References to Bible verse ---we war not aainst flesh and blood but against the powers and principalities of darkness

Evangelicals/fundamentalists are being fired up to treat the 2020 election as a religious war. They are being 'spiritually' trained to fight on Trump's--ie God's side---against the demonic DEMONcRATS!!

We better wake up at national and local levels and realize that we are at war and being attacked daily

Trump tower in tarot---16th card or trump in Major Arcama--from Wiki Comes after devil card

Stands for disturbing revelation and disruptive change!!

Reading a mystery, character mentions the Trump Tower in the tarot she's trying to learn.

So who could pass by without checking it out!?

Socialist PM wins re-election in Portugal. No majority, must form minority govt

Reported in BBC, elsewhere

Remember? What soap had 1st gay character? What soap had actress's face lift on camera?

It was a big story about 1st gay character. Remember hoopla but not which show.

Stumbled across the surgery when channel surfing. The actress decided to have one, and they wrote it in to the script for the character she was playing.

Don't remember the show.

And how rare black regulars were?

And heaven forbid there was a poor family as a regular part of the show!

An didn't the actor who starred in the McGuyver series start on a soap? And the actress who played the employer on Who's the Boss?

Something that drives me nuts--reading in novel 'Bob, lay down!'and'he then laid down'. Proofreader?

Televangelist texting while praying in tongues goes viral

This and Perry Stone's defense---texting so pastor friend and wife with cancer can join---posted at friendlyatheist blog at patheos. He also links to Colbert's story on Stone.

When I was watching TBN now and then, I liked watching Stone. I can stand his voice better than many, and some of his stuff during trips to Israel were kind of interesting.

Then he started pushing his educational empire and other things, and I got turned off. Maybe he was getting more attn through TBN exposure and it went to his head.

He's also been on JimBakker's TV show several times recently.

Atheist group files complaint vs judge who gave Guyger a Bible

Reported in blog friendlyatheist at patheos

Group is Freedom From Religion Foundation

They say it was not compatible with separation of church and stste

NC governor Democrat, lt governor a Republican. Is this split possible in all states?

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