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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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'Well, what can you expect of a country that commits matricide?' Said mid 70s by Canadian to my husb

We were spending his sabbatical yr in Newfoundland CA. There was a lot of street violence in US at the time. It was being publicized and discussed all over the world.

Some of that was mentioned during a faculty get together. One of the Canadians said this semi jokingly

Gahan Wilson, famous cartoonist, has died (89yo)

I am not familiar with his work , but many who are are mourning his passing

Could Judy Collins' Hunting the Whale be used vs T and gang?

Just discovered it. Very haunting

I'm computer illiterate. Maybe someone could post this from Youtube?

Has John Hagee made any statement re charges against Netanyahu? He's leader of Evangelical pro-Israe

Someone should put all of Schiff's opening and closing statements into one video!!

Read this awesome suggestion somewhere

Snopes---OH law that students can't be penalized 4 answers that agree with their religion is NO prob

PZ Meyer discusses today at his blog pharyngula why Snopes gets it wrong!!

Ya think kids in jr, sr high are learning to make extensive notes after every conversation they have

Seems to be a major take-away from all the news stories

Joke at dinner? T decides to wipe out Obama's work. No seat on plane? Newt shuts down govt SNOWFLAKE

During Bill's impeachment, Harkin spoke on TV. GOP colleague said 'that guy needs to be investigated

It really shocked me.

The hate for Bill was so strong that anyone supporting him was considered to be criminal!!

Esp weird since, being from Story Co IA, I had spoken with Harkin when he was still a Rep from IA

'Would you rather have a house full of old masters or old mistresses?' Days of women's liberation

Illustration of how every term used for women, even most positive, becomes over time a term to reduce them to a 'just a' sex object.

Originally 'mistress's was the female equivalent of 'master'
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