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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 10:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

Journal Archives

Are UK politicians vulnerable to blackmail over the 'Westminster Paedophilia Scandal'?

Info is at Wikipedia

When info started to become public in 2013 or so, several present day pols were involved in investigation.

It was learned that many documents were missing, among other massive 'fails'.

?!?Guards told to leave 3hrs b4 suicide? Epstein introduced Trump to Melania? Your info, thoughts?

[Seen early in Twitter thread #epsteinsuicide]

Person claimed guards were told to leave because of maintenance!i

OMG!! Spacecraft with tardigrades and human DNA crashes on moon!!

Source post this eve by TaMara at balloon-juice.

Had to look up tardigrades--science is incredible!

'Do you stand with this torchbearer (statue ol liberty) or this one (tiki torchbearers in VA)?' Vis-

Blog balloon-juice post Aug 4 afternoon--post by Adam Silvermann.

Fantastic words and pic juxtaposition.

He suggests a dem ad running frequently for every candidate for every office.

Would be great if someone could post the suggested ad.

Add to 26 killed in 2017 at Sutherland Springs TX church!!

Glendon Oakley Jr (2010--Walmart) joins James Shaw Jr (2018--Waffle House)--2 brave young black men!

Another young black man saved people in a shooting--James Shaw Jr in 2018 at a shooting at a Waffle House.

Make sense? Someone angry, depressed, hears about a shooting, thinks WTH--I'll just shoot up, die

Do people still write poison pen letters? They used to be a major mystery story plot device.

Asylum Abuse Reduction Act!!! Rep Kevin Horn (R-Ok) & Sen Inhofe introduced this. OK vs morality

Both loudly proclaim their Evangelical credentials!!!

OK 'Christians' don't hear--let alone listen to--Rev Barber, John Pavlovitch, et al

At every opportunity--dems could give some M&Ms in bag labeled 'Moscow Mitch'!!

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