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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

Journal Archives

No flu vaccines to immigrant children at border? Flu kills weakened children, right?

Whoever said Evangelicals love children?

RW radio host attacks Duffy's wife b/c she controls him, works outside home, not a 'biblical' woman

It's Sean Duffy who's leaving House b/c new child has serious health issues.

This will be their 9th child. She works at Fox.

Story at blog rightwingwatch.com

Katie Blanchard told Army Currie was dangerous. He set her on on fire. Army says she can't sue

Story at taskandpurpose.com

Saw this at PZ Meyer's blog Pharyngula

This is terrible!!

Trump pulls FEMA$$ for wall, Dorian to hit FL. Result a la 92 Andrew destroyed Homestead ?

Poor FEMA response cost HW 92 election---so some contend.

AmRev--Wilkes 45 referred to booklet saying king not above reproach. Tell it to the Evangelicsls!

Evangelicals say Trump is the modern Cyrus and point to OT Cyrus story being in chapter 45 of book (Isaiah??) with story.

Info about Wilkes and number 45 found in post in DU anthropology forum about NC 'pebble's in archeological dig at a colonial tavern.

I heard Rachel will be in Tulsa soon. Anyone here plan to attend?

What's up with blog www.stopyourekillingme.com? It lists mystery authors, their detectives

I just learned about it and have found it extremely helpful.

I sent them 3 emails recommending authors they might add (as they suggest doing), but all were returned with note they couldn't be delivered

Does this mean the site may soon disappear? I don't understand how things work with web pages, etc.

Have any of you used the site? Do you know anything about it?

What is a 'Belasco scene'? Found mention in a Leslie Ford mystery

Narrator says she had just come in on the 2nd such scene that was a prelude to the murder (that the book is about)

Ford wrote in the 30s, 40s

?!? Israel attacks Iranian forces in Syria?!? Anyone have info/insight?

Adam Silverman has post on this event at balloon-juice this evening.

Byrne, CEO of Overstock: MA from Cambridge, PhD from Stanford--guess brains don't beat sex-stupid

Info from Wikipedia
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