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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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MS GOPer Trent Lott said Strom Thurmond's Dixie8crat loss led to modern US probs

Sound familiar?....Moore's sppech about 'new rights in 64-65'

Both Lott and Thurmond and Jesse Helms (NC) and others were democrats who became GOPers b/c of dems' support for the rights of blacks.

Starbucks should put THIS verse from Bible on cups!!

Suggestion from brucegerencser.net, run by former minister who has left Christianity.

Ezekiel 23:20 - about a woman lusting after genitilia of her lovers 'hung like a donkey'!!

Need to teach recent French and British colonial history

France in Algeria - leading to Muslims as legal residents in France.

The British Commonwealth - leading to Jamaicans, Indians, Pakistanis as citizens of UK.
---I remember the anger over this as more and more Commonwealth citizens settled in Britain and could not be legally kicked out....because they were/are citizens!

Mueller as FBI director in Catherine Coulter's FBI mystery series

Noticed his name when recently skimming a couple of the books. Never paid attn when I read the books some years ago. I mean, if it's not Hoover who ever notices who the actual director is?

Would this be 'our' Mueller?

HRC book What Happened? Jim Bakker show answer 'God!!!'

Answer on recent video on youtube by Strang, editor of Charisma magazine

Paraphrasing - 8 more years of leftward move away from God would have destroyed 'the church' in America and thus caused 'god' to destroy America.

2 diametrically opposing world views

Roy Moore spent a year in Australia in his 30s??!!

Read this at another blog.

Anyone know anything about this??

'Results of Tues election reveal many Americans are suffering from a mental disorder'!?!?

From PJMedia

'People voted against freedom', 'for socialism'...etc,etc

Totally different world

NRA beatitude...

Blessed are the wicked, for their actions lead to prayer and profit.

(found in comments at bilgrimage.com)

Priceless from Joy!!

Remember when Jesus of Nazareth came upon hundreds of hungry people and, rather than feeding them, He thought and prayed?

(paraphrazed from a tweet qtd at bilgrimage.com)

How can ventriloquists be on radio??

Well, Edger Bergen and Charlie McCarthy were on radio in the 40s and, I think, the 50s. As a kid I thought they were very funny. It was only much later that I realized that being on radio totally misses the whole point of ventriloquism!!
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