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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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'Last night Alabama took America's hand and crossed the Edmund Pettis Bridge'

Part of comment by someone on Morning Joe.

Leo Frank, a Jew, was lynched in GA in1915 on belief he killed 13 yo girl

One of worst cases of anti-semitism in US

Harry Thomas (PA and NJ ): Well-known Christian pastor arrested for sexually assaulting 4 children

A founder of 'Creation Festivals,' held for 4 days in both NE and NW - biggest Christian music festivals in US according to Wikipedia.

Some time ago he defended couple in congregation who were accused of severely starving their 4 foster children. (1 was 19yo; each weighed under 50 lbs.) He even defended the couple before a Congressional committee.

Info in TIME. Extensive info and links at blog 'thewartburgwatch.com' on Mon, 12.11.2017

KS terrorists demand Trump voters be on their juries

Found at 'progressive secular humanist' blog at patheos.

They were arrested for trying to blow up mosque.

White 77yo woman here. Have the voices in this forum been silenced?? Have seen few recent posts

I have learned a lot from posts in this forum. I was aware many had left or been pushed out, but wanted to know what's going on??

Tariq Ramadan, noted Islamic scholar at Oxford, accused of 2 violent rapes, some underage relationsh

Reported in Bruce Gerencser's blog in his series Black Collar Crimes. Gerencser was an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist minister for yrs, but he left Christianity some yrs ago.

His series on sexual predator ministers is depressing.

Per Gerencser, the charges are major news in Oxford and Europe. Ramadan's grandfather was the/a founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The women say they were encouraged by women going public about their attacks.

Cnspiracy theory #xxx: CA fires were set to destroy it as a powerful dem state

Trump refused federal aid. I find thie very upsetting. And so little media discussion of this refusal.

Did earlier CA fires damage/destroy the CA wine industry ?

And now another one...Prof Jay Fliegelmann of Stanford's English Dept

According to woman who was grad student at time, he raped her in 2000. There was some univ reaction, but essentially he was touted as major scholar on his death.

See pharyngula's post that links to extensive report in Mercury News.

Story went national with her recent report on Facebook.

WOW! See Dana Nessel ad for her campaign for AG in MI at Wonkette

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