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Member since: Wed Oct 8, 2003, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 12,858

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Do you think Tulsa should give Trump a tour and treats at the Bama Pie company?

It's long been a fixture in Tulsa. The company's now world-wide factories make the apple pies for McDonalds

I remember the factory on 11th street (route 66) in the 50s. In those days you could buy regular pie-sized Bama pies in grocery stores, IIRC

1964 Philadelphia MS---Schwerner, Goodwin, Chaney, civil rights workers murdered--MS Summer

In 1964 groups trying to get blacks registered to vote decided to work hard in MS. They asked for college student volunteers, esp white students. Whites˛ on the reasonable belief that racists would be less likely to attack them. They had their white skin and most likely some money in their family, so there might not be retaliation

Two of my friends in grad school signed up and urged me to do so too. I just couldn't. From all I had read of the various civil rights actions, MS flat-out scared me silly. Even today I still feel freaked-out when I see or hear the name of that state

So they went off to the training workshop, and a few weeks passed. Then it was reported--2 white guys and a black guy working on the project in MS had disappeared. I was so scared it might be my 2 friends! A bit later the names were released. Not my friends! But 3 guys had been murdered for their belief in and work for civil rights and were mourned by their friends and families.

And Reagan and his campaign had the nerve to use their deaths to win points with 'states rightists' to win the election!

Summer 1960 film Operation Abolition--HUAC claims communists were trying to destroy them

[House Committee on Un-American Activities]

It was about how communists, especially in dock workers union, refused to testify in front of them and had corrupted college students to demonstrate against the committee. There were many scenes of students going limp as cops arrested them. Cops then dragged them to the paddy-wagon by arms or legs. This non-violent action was later used by some civil rights demonstrators.

The film was shown everywhere. It was shown in my church in OK that summer and in several churches in Houston when we were back in school.

There were people, groups who tied the 'communist corruption of college students ' seen him the film to the students taking part in the sit-ins

Any info about location of T Tulsa rally? Any protests planned? city plans re protests?

Tulsa Race Massacre 1921 and Terence Crutcher's killing by Tulsa cop

Video on CBS

Title The resonance of racial violence across generations

Video has shots of the 1921 destruction, interview with Tulsa mayor, interview with Crutcher's twin sister

OMG! Tulsa PD Major Travis Yates in Jan 2020--cops should be killing 20% more blacks!

Reported with text at publicradiotulsa.org.

He said this to a class of recruits in Broken Arrow, a suburb of Tulsa. Article lists other horrific statements he's made

This was linked by a commentator at balloon-juice today. Maybe one of you can post the li k. I can't on this device

Dedicated to Trump in the bunker.........the end of a poem

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but with a whimper.

[The Hollow Men]

Unreal!! Milwaukee police chief----protestors are crucifying cops like mobs did Jesus!!

Reported at blog friendlyatheist.patheos.com

Blogger points out that---unlike Jesus---cops have been the ones doing the killing!!

George Whitefield, of the 1sr Great Awakening, pushed GA colony to legalize slavery so he could make

Very few know this about him. He is greatly admired because of his role in the Great Awakening and as one of the founders of Methodism.

He had some land in GA and wanted to make more. He sold slaves to buy more land

I first heard about thjs fact of his life some yrs ago from posts at Fred Clark's blog slacktivist at patheos

Buffalo cops, firefighters cheer arrested cops!! Will they threaten strike if city doesn't give in?

Seems like many cops in US only want to work if they can do whatever they want

At what point might we se cops quitting en masse and few wishing to hire on.

At least it's becoming clear to more and more whites that there's a war going on!
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